Believed to be the most high ranking planet of all planets. The King of planets. Jupiter was traditionally known as Jove.
He is extremely intelligent like the natives with strong Jupiter has a light nature . He also rules Delusions and naivety.
Jupiter's provides luck , intelligence and spiritual knowledge. Jupiter has a lot of information about the areas in which
he specializes , he is considered to be the greatest natural beneficial.
He is known to be happy go lucky and having a fun loving nature. Jupiter is also extremely powerful and resembles things
being done in large measures. Whatever a Jupiter does is in large measures , with his philosophy being "the bigger the better".
When a beneficial he provides money , luxury and knowledge in large measures. Jupiter is charitable and also believes in helping
the ones he likes. He represents higher knowledge and knowledge of spirituality . Jupiter rules the luck of the person, if a
Jupiter is strongly placed in the chart , the person has immense luck in everything he does, things always go his way and it doesn't
matter if he does something to achieve his goals or not , things always seems to be going his way if Jupiter is well placed.
Jupiter has many qualities he is kind , happy , powerful and knowledge , he makes one famous and well-liked by people.
Jupiter has a tendency to boast and displays ego and arrogance in terms of displaying his strength and knowledge , unlike
mars whose arrogance is rigid, Jupiter arrogance only stays for a short time and he comes back to his gentle self, when shown the faults.
Ego and boasting are they only negative traits in Jupiter which stays permanent in him . Jupiter is associated with goodwill , mercy
and optimism. On negative side , he can turn over confident , blind optimism and excessive over-indulgence.

Jupiter in eastern principles:
Jupiter is known as brihaspati or guru , he is known as teacher of all gods , and he bestows all knowledge to the natives.
He rules the luck and is extremely kind and gentle and helping. His attitude is known to bestow all gifts which he is able to provide
such as Luck , knowledge and removal of enemies anyone who pleases him or if he is strongly placed in the chart.
Jupiter has a tendency to boast and has a considerable amount of ego . Also ruling delusions and naivety.
Jupiter is confident and attains his goals through his actions only if that goals are able to attract his interest.
Jupiter has tendency to be lazy when doing work , and is most efficient in giving knowledge.
Jupiter makes a person famous and gets them a high position in society along with helping them in various events of life.
He also believes in doing things in large measures. People who have strong Jupiter are well liked in society , specially for their
attitudes of taking life in a easy in enjoyable way.
Jovians are excellent advisors. Jupiter enjoys praises by people and many a times gets carried away by them.
He loves art and poetry . Jupiter fails to look through the person , and often judges a person on the basis of the surface of a person.
Jupiter is the planet of broader purposes growth and optimism.

Jupiter's colour is yellow/gold
His number is 3
His gemstone is yellow sapphire
Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces


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