The god of war , he is the warrior of the solar system and loves battle , whether it is of mental, physical or of a spiritual nature.
Mars is extremely passionate about everything he does and feels most alive amidst a battle.
Mars is short tempered and gets agitated easily. Mars is known to be fiery powerful and resembles the drive in a person to work
for his goals, a strong mars naturally provides good strength and muscle power in a person . Also the person is sharp from brain
and manipulative of people as well . Mars knows how to manipulate events to suit him and has no regards for morality at all .
Mars is also rigidly arrogant and has a large ego which stays intact.
He looks down on outcasts of society and enjoys remaining in power and authoritative circle of society.
Mars holds likeness towards occult sciences and does well at it depending on the aspect of mars is positive or negative.
Positive mars has little ego and arrogance and also holds regards for morality as compared to negative mars who is wiped out
of regards for morality.
Mars desires to remain at the top with no equal and wants to be among everything , also he enjoys praises by people.
Mars does a good job at helping if he holds likeness to something. Mars often gets excited with challenges , and is always
up for one , and he has immense drive to prove himself and his abilities as the most powerful to all and everything.
Mars shows our desire to achieve. When acting on mars energy a person is Directed, adventurous and forthright on the negative
side we can also be manipulative, impulsive, aggressive, impatient and forceful.

Mars in eastern principles:

Mars is known as mangal/angaraka . He is regarded as a god of martial aspect and red in every aspect. He is known to make one
free from all debts and poverty and bestows happiness if well placed in chart . Mars is a malefic planet and if maliciously
afflicting a native , he afflicts flesh , muscles and blood of a person . He also represents drive to acquire the goals , aggressiveness
anger and physical strength . Mars has a tendency to be restless and impatient and strongly hates a "rebellion" of any sort be it big or small.
If badly placed Mars can incite poverty in the life of a person , with no material pleasures at all. He also resembles passion inside a person
a lack of mars denotes lack of passion inside a person.

His day is Tuesday
His gemstone is red coral
He rules of the signs of Aries and Scorpio
His colour is blood red. 


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