Mercury is the communicator, representing mentality, thoughts, words, communication and ideas.
Deciding our thought flow, Our mental manipulative ability, mercury is the lord of networks and manipulation.
This the planet which is considered the busiest of all, and also the messenger.
He rules the power of words and the power of our thought. He is the one which unites everyone, every path and is the lord of all links and communications.
Mercury believes in and incites pure logic, Wit and manipulation of the environment to suit his needs.
He is very fast moving and is the great thinker, Mercury imparts great skills in writing, media and anything which is a form of communication.
Mercury teaches how to mould situations, and construct a bridge between yourself and the world.
It Gives great skills in debates, also enables to give you an understanding on about how to combine and bring together circumstances in order
to produce results which absolutely none of them could have produced on their own ,is very adaptable and uses words as its weapon.
Mercury is the quickest of all planets to revolve around the Sun.
Mercury knows what to what to "apply "and where to "apply" to achieve the results in his favour and he is the gossiper of all planets.

Mercury in Eastern principles
Mercury is Considered to be the indicator of intelligence, all kinds of trade, learning, education, writing, humour and of thieves. He differentiates
between the good and the bad thoughts and is considered to be very wise. He can manipulate words and minds easily and is very adaptable.
He bestows knowledge and wealth and makes one clever.
Mercury is a merchant by nature and loves wit and humour and enjoys the company of learned people. He moves from place to place and is never fixed on its
opinion, what he may say today he will change tomorrow. He is the gossiper, the spy and the informer. He likes to travel but only for a short span, he is very
double sided and wants the best from all sides and is always restless and filled with mixed feelings. Mercury is believed to be of dual nature
as he turns malefic if with a malefic planet (Sun, mars , Saturn, north node and south node ) and beneficial if at the side of beneficial planet
(moon, Jupiter, Venus).

Mercury's enemy is Moon and he greatly fears the silence and wrath of Saturn.

Mercury rules number 5
Its gemstone is Emerald.
He rules Wednesday.
Mercury's colour is Green.
Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo


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