Moon's nature is gentle and calm as that of a child who is sleeping. Moon resembles emotions,
care and compassion. He is tender and gets scared easily. He is the planet who rules our internal thinking , which is not logical
but instinctual based on our feelings. Moon is the protective mother and child inside us at the same time. Its moon's nature that
when you know something , but can't say it? the thinking which goes inside you is the nature of your moon , when you say
things based on your feelings , things which you don't mean and things which make you say "why did i say that?" are a part of moon's
nature. The sorrows of inside , secret dreams , Secret desires , a picture of yourself which you can't bring in front of others etc are the
products of moon in your natal chart. Things such as intuitions , thoughts , hunches are part of moon. Moon infuses the spirit of care and
tenderness inside a person and also how we react to other people's feelings. When acting on moon we turn adaptive , restless , protective
imaginative , creative , intuitive and also irrational sometimes.

Moon in eastern principles
Moon in here is known as Chandra, He is the indicator of mother , femininity, females , general happiness , femininity beauty etc.
Moon in here is considered to be indicative of mind whereas mercury is the further process known as intellect , which places
importance on what mind has received . It is indicative of the way we perceive things and all of our senses. Moon is appealing to everyone
whether it be females , Elders or children , he is well liked by all and everyone.
Moon is of gentle nature , a strong influence of specially cancer moon and full moon is known to make a person of an extremely gentle , loving
and caring , nature as well as calm and peaceful , he is well liked by all and is generally happy in every phrase of life. Full moon is considered
to be the beneficial of highest order in terms of phrases of moon.

Moon rules number 2
His gemstone is pearl
He rules the day Monday
Its colour is white.
Moon rules over Cancer


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