The most dreaded planet of the solar System. This planet is considered to be the strongest malefic of all and has been given several titles
Such as, "time lord" "malefic amongst the malefic" "lord of the outer darkness" and "the greatest teacher".
Since ancient times along with Sun this planet has held a special
value all of the ancient cultures and civilization had the reference of this planet. This planet normally rests as a malefic for majority of people.
And rules the outcasts , occult and spirituality ,death and destruction , End and evolution and also represents restrictions of all kinds.
Saturn holds immense value on morality .He throws the person into chaos and all hardships of life to make them evolve and make sure that the event
will make the person learn what he is trying to make him aware of, if even after through continual cycles the person remains ignorant to him with arrogance
and a rigid attitude , the planet's malefic effects are known to eventually kill the person.
The planet is greatly feared but also respected by every culture as none of the malefic can match the horrors that a badly placed Saturn afflicts and
also none of the planets can give the beneficial effects which Saturn can give.
Saturn has less patience of arrogance and ego, which of all things he hates the most.
Saturn being the planet which evolves a person also helps a person to make him realize the value of feelings , the value of true friends , the value
awareness and everything that exists in life. He makes a person dutiful , responsible , a bend towards spirituality (if intending that the native needs it)
and spiritual strength that no other planet can bestow not even Sun or Jupiter. In alchemy he is the black sun , which many people misinterpret as black hole
or another Sun in the solar system it was a metaphor for Saturn among alchemists.
He lays a great emphasis on Spirituality and occult as mentioned before as Saturn has little regards of materialistic pleasures of life.
He lays more emphasis on metaphysical evolution and understanding emotions and feelings. For Saturn all pleasures of physical world are nothing.
That is why many a times a bad Saturn transit starts with destruction of all material pleasures in the life of a person , followed by other malefic effects.

Saturn in eastern principles:
Saturn goes by the name Shanischaram or Shani here. In here also like in western astrology Saturn represents Death, Destruction , the END , restrictions
evolution, karma, longetivity. He is considered to be the planet by whose presence even gods break into panic known to be shatterer of all illusions.
Saturn in here also rests as malefic and most powerful of all planets.
His attitude is known to spare neither gods nor mortals he treats everything alike , gods and mortals are same for him.
He is also regarded as the supreme judge. Saturn throws a person through all hardships of life to make him realize important lessons, and if arrogance
and ego is displayed by the native then yet again the malefic effects are known to kill the native .
Saturn, when has to afflict, always afflicts long term diseases , Specially the affliction is mostly at the bone areas mainly the spinal
region of the person he also affects the heart and mind of the person.
If not a malefic for the native generally ensures that native will never be afflicted with long term diseases and have heavy and strong
bones. Saturn is known to be son of Sun and when Saturn opened his eyes for the first time and looked at sun , sun went into an eclipse.
this was an attempt to describe Saturn's strength by tradition astrologers i.e. the only known planet to surpass the strength of Sun .
Saturn is placed an important position in here because he effects the person the most and resides in every house and zodiac for 2 and a half years more than
another planet. The planet is never shallow in any and all tasks and believes in fulfilling his responsibilities more than anything, its also believed that
the planet is extremely harsh and cold in his ways but he never likes making people go through all hardships and sufferings but is bound by duties.
He has no patience for criminals and crimes of any type, specially thefts. He never harms anyone for no cause and people with positive mentality
and good karma always get beneficial effects from the planet (unless there is something important that needs to be learned by the native).
Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, structure, limitations, commitments and responsibilities. It will reminds you of all values of this world and then
make you compare yourself with them , once realized that you are a being beyond the physical flesh and there is more to what you see , Saturn's
effect becomes slowly beneficial as the person realizes more and more and after this a person comes out more evolved and stronger than before. Its then
Saturn showers a person with his blessings and rewards at the end of his great phrase.

Saturn is the planet of extremes .
A strongly placed Saturn provides the person with all pleasures comforts of life along with authority over people along with strength and power
both spiritual and physical and things which no other planet is able to provide , but before providing this the planet make sure to test the person
and if he comes out successful then only he gets the all the blessings of the planet. He is also known to be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable.
This planet is known to never discriminate anyone , even if he rests as a malefic for a person then also he make sure to shower all his
blessings on the person at the end of his great phrase where he takes the person through all his trails thus also known as the greatest destroyer and the
greatest well-wisher. He is also known to be the only planet who cannot be pleased, the only way to please him to pass his trails.
Saturn holds great value on: morality , Humbleness, Kindness , charity , helping the ones in need (old aged and physically handicapped especially),
patience, self respect and revenge for a just cause, will power, generosity and responsibility. A good place Saturn at the right time will counter
all the negative effects that are in the native's chart by other planet and replace those effects by beneficial effects. Specially if the person has
passed the great phrase of Saturn.

Saturn hates following traits: Ego, arrogance, shallowness , unjust revenge ,boasting, lack of responsibility , laziness and lack of will power, unjust negative

Saturn's natural enemies are :Jupiter and mars. He is neutral with Sun And Venus. And Mercury , north-node and south node (Rahu and Ketu) are his friends.

Saturn's colours is Electric blue and also black
His gemstone is blue sapphire
He rules the day Saturday
His number is 8
Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius.


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