The Sun

Sun is a very Important part of Astrology. Sun represents self-expression, cheerfulness, personal power, confidence, leadership ability
Healthy, vitality, resistance, immunity, life-force, social skills and creativity. Sun is very important in our charts because indicates
our basic qualities and purity of our intelligence. Sun is never retrograde in motion. Sun is also centre to one's
psyche and base mentality. Sun is like our central identity, also describing our ideals we look up to. Sun is a huge powerhouse. But for
most its to be noticed that people who are dominant in Sun even though are very authoritative, they don't like to rule
people very much or tell them what to do, but when a person who is Dominant in sun is tried to get into control, then
the Solar flare of the celestial body is released burning the threat for its freedom instantly.
People having a dominant Sun are generally cheerful and proud and have very good leadership qualities, they have a huge social circle but are seldom
very close to all of their friends, they have very few selected friends who they prefer to get close to.
Sun is an all knowing teacher and is considered the silent emperor of the Solar System.

Sun in Eastern principles
The Soul indicator, the Lord of the solar system, he is regarded as a malefic planet but its actually an auspicious planet.
His friends are Mars, Mercury, Venus and moon, Jupiter and Saturn is neutral to him.
He considers North node and South node (Rahu (north node), Depicted as a Demon who causes the Solar and Lunar eclipse).
Sun gives us the cause to work for something, and believes in "follow me and my cause" philosophy.
Its a great power house. It decides our status and our personality.
Sun is considered the granter of power to the person and decides his status and authority.
Sun is considered to be extremely proud, honourable , graceful , charitable and giving. If sun is strong in a native's chart
it is expected that mention traits of Sun will be transmitted to the native.
When the planet is placed in auspicious houses it provides luck , power , status and authority in increased proportions.
Sun is the planet which relieves the person of any and all troubles of his life. Sun is believed to be
of a malefic nature because of his property to "combust" any planet in transit near sun (or any planet in the same house as sun if very near to the planet
at the time of birth) is believed to be "burnt" out of a good proportion of its power.

Sun rules the Number 1 in numerology.
Its gemstone is Ruby.
Rules over the zodiac Sign of LEO.
Its ruling day is Sunday.


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