Venus represents harmony , relationship and love, relationship with everything that we meet in the world and communicate with. Venus is what we feel,
what we appreciate. Venus has a joyous attitude , believes in having fun and enjoyment all the time.
This is the planet which also helps in acquiring friends , relationship and a light attitude towards life.
Venus represents an extremely Sensual and a seductive attitude , its bestows a sensual charm and good looks to the native and a good friend circle in society.
Venus helps in acquiring of friends which offer support through their entire life as well as many lovers . Venus also represents a gentle and a loving
attitude towards everything in life. Venus has problems with harshness and cold attitudes. Venus is also a materialist believing in enjoyment of all
worldly comforts and all pleasures of life (even forbidden pleasures). A good placed Venus in chart bestows an gentle attitude to the native ,
the person is charming and has a seductive personality ,is sensual and likes to acquire wealth also such native has considerable amount of wealth
and enjoys all comforts of life, grace , charm and beauty are all ruled by Venus.
Venus doesn't believe in morality for fulfilment of goals and will go to any extent for realization of her goals.

Venus in eastern principles
Venus is known as Shukracharya , who was the supreme teacher of demons and held rare knowledge to revive the dead which even Jupiter failed to
acquire. Venus in here also represented love, caring and a giving attitude . Venus represented love and care but also a support of the
outcasts of life .Unlike in western astrology Venus is a "He" rather than a "She". He believes in charity , and helping all sorts of people in life.
Also Venus has a tendency to give a lot for the sake of loved ones and he is a materialist. The planet shines with authority and extremely good and sensual
looks. A strongly placed Venus as a beneficial gives a person all material and physical pleasures of life.
Venus being teacher of demons , is also attracted to the negative side of life with a desire to understand occult.
Venus is considered to be extremely intelligent enough to hold some rare knowledge even the teacher of gods Jupiter wasn't able to hold until later
where Jupiter actually Stole that knowledge from Venus for the benefit of gods and good.
The planet doesn't get well along with Sun. Venus never refuses to any plea and helps in acquirement of material pleasures. Also Venus grants a
person a good understanding of value of love, pleasures and relationships.

Venus rules number 6
Its gemstone is diamond
Rules the day Friday
Venus's colour is white and pink.
Venus rules over Taurus and Libra


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