C.O.T.E  Official Statement of Beliefs


We, who shall be known as The Church of the Elders, hereby make the following statement to, and henceforth establish, our core beliefs regarding our religion.

1. The Old Gods worshipped by the Sumerian Civilization are the true gods of Earth. While they were misinterpreted by the Sumerians, it is these beings that deserve our reverence. All subsequent religions are an offshoot, alternate interpretation, misinterpretation, or antithesis of the reverence of these beings.

2. The Old Gods are living, breathing entities just as we are. However, the physical bodies of the Old Gods are at a much higher state of evolution than our own. This allows for them to have more senses and a much greater level of intelligence and understanding than humanity in its current state.

3. The Old Gods are responsible for the creation of humanity. The leader of this group of Old Gods is the being identified by the Sumerians as “Enki”. Humanity was created for the sake of scientific examination as to the course of natural evolution. The genetic code of the Old Gods was required to accomplish this and it makes humanity genetically related to the Old Gods.

4. The nature of the soul is immortal and exists beyond the termination of physical life. A soul may reincarnate into another physical body for the sake of experience and learning.

5. Humanity’s ultimate goal is to physically, emotionally and spiritually evolve to the level of the Old Gods. Any aspect of mortal existence that interferes with this should be eschewed.

6. The concept of “free will”, that is the ability of a sentient being to make their own choices in their life, should be strictly observed and respected.

7. The concept of proselytization is not encouraged. Past eras show that proselytization only leads to hardship. The Church of the Elders openly welcomes those who step forward of their own free will, but none shall attempt to “peddle” the religion.

8. The usage of meditation is to serve as a method for focusing one’s energy into making either changes to one’s self or to proscribe change into one’s environment. Terminology such as, energy work, magic, magick or other related terms may be used, but meditation is the preferred term.

9. There exists a pervasive, omnipresent energy force that is yet to be defined by science. This energy force also represents another level of perception and existence. This is called the astral plane. All beings that exist also simultaneously exist in this plane and, with development, may shift their perceptions to focus only on this level of existence, rather than on the physically coalesced existence. The Old Gods have mastered this level of perception and communicate and interact with people on this level because they are physically separated from humanity.

10. The Old Gods have chosen to not directly interact with humanity for several reasons. These reasons include the volatility of humanity’s current social development and internal debates. Once humanity has overcome developmental obstacles, direct interaction is a possibility.

11. The Old Gods prefer to be revered, rather than worshipped. Aware of how quickly humanity can take religious fervour and aware of their own state of existence, the Gods do not feel that they are “gods” as humanity defines the term and prefer to be seen as teachers rather than “almighty” deities.

12. While evolved well past human definition and limitation, the Old Gods are not infallible, omnipotent or otherwise defined through old paradigms of divinity. The physical bodies of the Old Gods, while superior and much more resilient than that of humanity, is just as mortal. Likewise, the immortal soul of the Old Gods is immortal and directly proportional in magnitude to their physical existence.

13. While past religions eschew science, The Church of the Elders openly support science and progress. Should a new scientific discovery have cause to make the Church re-examine its beliefs, it shall do so and make the necessary judgment to incorporate the new science into the system.

It is the aforementioned beliefs that compose the core of the doctrine of the Church of the Elders.


© Enki Ea 28th May 2007 /© 2007-2017






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