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The ritual will follow a short bit of information.

The first thing people wish to do once they discover Enki, the Aquarian Path and the Church of the Elders is partake in the Dedication Ritual. The Church of the Elders (CotE) has repeatedly expressed concern for this decision as the Dedication is a PERMANENT, LIFETIME commitment to the Path. A person should only perform the Dedication Ritual when they are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that they wish to dedicate for the rest of your life. If you choose to abrogate (nullify) the contract, you cannot go back for the rest of this incarnation. A person MUST take the time to consider whether they are ready for the magnitude of work the Dedication requires. It would be prudent to consult with the Clergy regarding performing the Dedication BEFORE doing so.

Because of this we have created the Affirmation ritual, this is a personal ritual in which you make a promise to yourself and the Gods that you will be making as much effort to follow the path as you can, this ritual provides you with the knowledge that you are showing your respect and drive to work toward your advancement.

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Affirmation Ritual


What you need:

At least one Black Candle

A piece of clean paper, large enough to write the prayer that follows below, (and to sign your name on)

Write the following prayer on the piece of paper:

(Note: you may want to write a rough draft first so you can write it out neatly during the ritual.)

"Before Enki and in the presence of the true Gods, I [full name] affirm to open my mind and expand my understanding toward the goal of advancement, I promise to take in the teachings of the Gods and Goddesses with the aim of one day being ready to dedicate to their path of knowledge. I promise to use the next 6 months as the minimum preparation for this next step."

Performing the Ritual:

Find a place to do this, it can be anywhere from your room to some woodland you feel would be perfect for it.

Make sure you have Bathed beforehand, thoroughly and wear some dark clothes, although whatever you feel makes it more personal you can also wear, it is up to you.

Set out the candles and any other items you wish to use, sigils, incense, offerings, any personal touch.

Light the candles and take a moment to relax and breathe, remember this ritual is done out of respect, if you are not ready, do not continue. Once you feel ready write the prayer on the clean sheet of paper.

Once you have written the prayer, read the prayer either out loud or in your head and sign your name in pen or pencil.

Fold the paper up and set it ablaze in the candle flame. Make sure the whole piece of paper has completely combusted.

At this point you can stay until the candles have burnt out or clear up and finish, but once you have completed it, remember to wrap it up with a hearty, "Hail Enki!"

Remember this is a big step to make, so do not rush the decision.


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