Aquarian Standard Ritual

The Aquarian Standard Ritual is similar in purpose to standard pagan rituals, where it is used as a respectful means to call upon our Gods for either guidance, protection, information and so on, but with a few differences that we feel the Gods would appreciate further.

The Aquarian Ritual is as follows;

As with many pagan rituals it is always polite to bathe. As far as attire, one may wear a robe, otherwise casual dress clothing is appropriate, the addition of silver items or symbols where you feel workable should also help

You could use your alter or shrine if you have one. Otherwise, a clean table will be fine. It is up to you what you wish to put out on your alter or table for your ritual. Perhaps a gift you’d like to offer, or something personal of yours that you’ve committed to your workings such as gemstones, tarot cards, etc. But incense and candles always help to set a state of mind, plus it provides a welcoming environment for the Gods. For another personal touch you could perform this outside or in a wooded area adding to the natural energies around and the feel for the ritual, in this case your altar top could be some cloth on the ground, a rock or even an old tree.

The colour of the candle isn’t extremely important unless you seek communication with a specific God or Goddess in which you may make or purchase a candle of their colour.

Your chalice may be filled with an alcohol, or a fruit /natural drink. Be sure to have a chalice or glass for the Gods that you will keep on the table or alter in front of you.

After candles are lit, and your table or alter is prepared, you may sit or kneel, your choice, and simply focus on the Gods with your intention of doing a Ritual to them. Then, take your athame, stand up as to be more formal and call upon the Gods in their direction;

Enki - Ea-East
Enlil - North
Asteroth - West
Azazel - South

You may simply state your intentions either out loud or in your mind though during official ceremonies they will be performed by a priest out loud. The basic means of communication of this ritual is mental focus. In this ritual, we use a more laid back, friendly approach as we see the Gods not only as higher beings, but also friends.

You may now take a drink out of your glass, or personal chalice, as you are sharing a drink with them like you would a friend.

After you’ve stated your intentions, you may offer your gift, or state a time you will make your offering, such as if you’re creating something be it food, or a work in progress. Then, you may communicate with them as you wish. This is as simple as talking out loud as you would with a friend, sharing your concerns or whatever it may be.

When you are done with your Ritual, you may simply complete your Ritual with a grand ‘Hail Enki!’ or a friendly, respectful closing. High Priest Shadderfer usually lights another stick of incense, thanks the gods respectfully for their time and leaves it as an added offering to carry on for as long as they choose to stay with you or just to show a little more respect. You may also want to play them some music afterwards whether it’s Metal, Folk or Classical.

Your Ritual is now complete, and you may simply continue on with what it is you choose to do.

The Thanksgiving Ritual is done the same way, but nothing is asked for. This is for the Gods. It's about them. It's for thanks. Nothing is asked in this ritual


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