Basic Banishing Ritual

The basic Banishing ritual is a very flexible ritual which can be used for the banishing of negative and unwanted energies or entities, protection spells and blessing items. All you need is a candle, preferably black, and a stick of incense, musk, sage or sandalwood for best results.

Light the candle and call upon your guardian, if you do not know who that is then then call on Enki, then light your incense in the candle flame.

For Blessing: waft the smoke from the incense at the item you wish to bless whilst saying to yourself  "In the name of Enki I bless this (name of item)", then imagine the item fill with electric blue energy providing it with a neutral and healthy energy for you to work with, holding the item by the candle flame to take in raw energy is a good way to empower the item further.

For Banishing and Protection light a black candle and once again call on your guardian or Enki to watch over you, walk around the room or object you want protecting and with the incense you lit in the candle flame waft smoke around the room or the object and imagine a shield build around it whilst saying to yourself "In the name of Enki I banish any negative entity or energy wishing to cause me harm of discomfort" if the object it large or you are blessing the room repeat this over and over whilst moving around.

For the protection and banishing rituals the energies will last a few days at a time, each time you perform the ritual the energies will build allowing the protection to last far longer.


Advanced Banishing Ritual


The Basic Banishing Ritual is good for keeping away spirits, negative energies, thought forms and so on, but there are stronger aggressive entities out there, who like to call themselves Angels, these are beings that are short tempered, aggressive and persistent, if they do not get their way (usually you being obedient or trying to scare you into thinking you are doing something "evil") then they lash out, and it can be continuous or in large numbers, now yes if a large number of higher order  beings attacked you would be a bit buggered, but they do not like to get their hands dirty and so send out waves of lower order grunts or masquerade as gods and human souls who they said have to destroy some evil to become angels, the souls can be destroyed if you are adept in energy manipulation but very few people are, but the angels themselves merely beaten back and damaged, unless you have access to their full soul you cannot destroy them, so the following is a way to keep safe.

For this you will need a little more than the basic rituals. You will need 3 black candles, 2 sticks of incense, an Athame, a pendant if you have one or a gemstone, preferably tigers eye.

What you do is light 2 of the candles and both the incense, place one either side ahead of you, pick up the Athame and ask Enki or your guardian to help you, now with the third candle you carve 3 Algiz and 3 Isa runes side by side into the side of the candle with your Athame, now light that candle and meditate on a personal shield, once you feel that is strong enough take up your pendant or gemstone and run it through the incense imagining it to blank to a neutral cobalt blue colour, now hold it above the candle and take in energy whilst asking Enki or your guardian to place a shield on it, give it the properties to use your energy to place a shield around you whilst it is in your possession (this is done by simply seeing it having that effect), now take the Candle inscribed with runes and one of the incense and go around your house using the basic banishing ritual, just take a little longer and use a little more energy in what you do, it may require putting up separately from the basic shield so will need re performing at different times too.

Make sure you carry the blessed item with you when you feel unsafe.


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