The ritual will follow a short bit of information.

This Ritual only needs to be performed once and once only. Choosing to dedicate your soul is a big decision, once dedicated you can turn back, however if you do turn back willingly you will never be allowed to come back to Enki this lifetime, that includes near death experiences or resuscitations. When you dedicate you do so as a commitment out of respect for Enki showing that you will always be at his side, you do not do it out of convenience to reap the Benefits you gain once it is complete because if you do this for the wrong reasons things may well go very wrong for you.

this ritual is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experience you will have and for most of us stay with us for the rest of our lives, you will feel acceptance, energy and pride for what you accomplish.

For each person there are personal touches to the ritual, using sigils, candles and other things you think the gods will like, it is something you should plan out and enjoy, and most of all make sure you want to make a commitment as it will be an eternal one, but if you choose to leave the religion no one is stopping you, Enki values free will but remember that once you leave and turn your back on Enki showing him disrespect you will not be welcome back, you can call yourself an Aquarian, Pagan or whatever you will but that is as far as it goes.

If you have very strict parents and can find  no way to perform the ritual then it would be best to wait until you are older and have a chance to perform it properly, this will not make the gods look down on your or slow your progress.

If you are part of a religious family that force you to go to church then remember it is not your decision to go there, it does not offend Enki that you are there as he knows you are loyal to your family and him.

High Priest Shadderfer, Priest Schwartzritter, Cleric Lucius, Apprentice Ancient and other advanced members of this site have all performed the Dedication ritual some time ago, each of their lives have improved after doing so, although everyone goes through hard times they each know Enki is there for them and have had many situations where Enki has done something to help them, from small to life saving.

Many people ask us if dedications from previous areas are still valid, the answer is simply no, dedications such as those from the JOS are no longer valid, you must perform the ritual located on this page.

If you have any questions before you perform the following ritual please post them on the forums


Dedication Ritual


What you need:

At least one Black, blue or red Candle, (as many as you like of any of these on their own or a combination of them)

A Sterilized needle or razor (something to get the blood out of your left index finger, you can sterilize a needle in the candle flame)

A piece of clean paper, large enough to write the prayer that follows below, (and to sign your name on)

Write the following prayer on the paper:

(Note: you may want to write a rough draft first so you can write it out neatly during the ritual)

"Before the almighty and ineffable God Enki, and in the presence of all the Gods and Goddesses of Duat, who are the true and original Gods of Earth and of mankind, I [full name] choose, of my own volition, to renounce (other faith or atheism) to work toward my advancement through and beyond this lifetime, the lessons I learn will forever become part of me.

I now proclaim Enki as my true God, the original Gods and Goddesses as my allies and mentors. I promise to honour them without reservation and I pledge to do the will of the Gods asking only to be at their side through my spiritual evolution and beyond."

Performing the Ritual:

Find a place to do this, it can be anywhere from your room to some woodland you feel would be perfect for it.

Make sure you have Bathed beforehand, thoroughly and wear some dark clothes, although whatever you feel makes it more personal you can also wear, it is up to you.

Set out the Candles and any other items you wish to use, Sigils, incense, offerings, any personal touch.

Light the candles and take a moment to relax and breathe, remember this ritual is done out of respect, if you are not ready, do not continue. Once you feel ready write the prayer on the clean sheet of paper.

Once you have written the prayer,  prick your LEFT INDEX FINGER and sign it, this can be done as a dot or as your name, the amount of blood does not matter.  Read the prayer either out loud or in your head and then sign it, read it for the gods and do it proudly.

Fold the paper up and set it alight in the candle flame making sure the whole piece of paper has completely combusted.

At this point you can stay until the Candles have burnt out or clear up and finish, but once you have completed it, remember to wrap it up with a hearty "Hail Enki!"

Remember this is is a big step to make do not rush the decision.


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