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Gemstone Basics:

Cleansing Methods

  Cleaning your gems is a simple process, although there are many different methods that can be used. The method you use depends on both personal preference as well as your gemstone's chemistry.

Salt Water Method: Add one tablespoon of salt into a bowl of cold water and submerge your gemstones for 24 hours. Beware that some crystals may dissolve in water so make sure not to cleanse any dissolvable gems or minerals with this method.

Running Water Method: Streams, waterfalls, and oceans are great ways to cleanse your gems. Simply hold them submerge them in a flowing stream, under a waterfall, in ocean waves, or under your sink faucet. Be careful not to lose your gems to any strong water currents.

Dry Salt Method: For water soluble minerals, place them into a bowl and cover them completely with sea salt. Other common salts are fine as well. However, be careful when working with salts, if your gem or mineral is porous or has a crack then salt crystals that get between the crystal grain boundaries can start to expand and damage your stones from the resulting crystallization pressure.

Hand Chakra Method: Use your hand chakras and imbue your stones with electric blue energy.

Sunlight and Moonlight Method: Place gems under sunlight or moonlight. This method only requires 30 minutes to an hour, however this method will take longer when using moonlight. The moon doesn't emit its own light, and all light seen from the moon is in fact light reflected off the moon from the sun. Note that moonlight is NOT the same thing as lunar energy. Lunar energy is related to the planets astrological/gravitational influences whereas moonlight is the light reflected off the moon. Don't leave gemstones in the sunlight for very long periods of time or their color will begin to fade. Ultraviolet light can also alter the electronic structure of the gemstone which will alter its properties overtime so use this method for limited periods of time.

Smoke Method: Incense or white sage can be used to cleanse your gems. Light an incense and hold the gem over the smoke and allow it to cleanse. This method is also called smudging.

Gem on Gem Method: Black Tourmaline and Selenite are two gems that will cleanse other gems when placed in close proximity. Simply place your gems to be cleansed in a little sachet along with Black Tourmaline or Selenite and let them sit for 12-24 hours.

    You are allowed to use different combinations of cleansing methods for a more thorough treatment of your stones. For example, we often use the running water method joined with the sunlight method when performing routine cleanses. Once the gems are cleansed, they are ready to be empowered. Certain gems prefer specific methods for cleansing. If you are unsure please refer to the community forum for more information or if you have any questions in general.

Gemstone Empowerment

    To empower your gems you will need a lit candle. A campefire, bonfire, or living room fireplace will also work. Place the gem on your hand chakra and draw raw energy from the candle's flame into the gem. This transference will add strong, neutral energies to the gemstone. Over time and through use, your own energy will become imbued within your gemstones which will make them easier for you to use. The most important thing to remember is your intent in which you direct and manipulate energy during any energy work.

Gemstone Storage:

    The best way to store gems is in a compartmentalized box where each stone will have it's own space. Satin bags are a nice alternative since satin is an effective energy insulator. Try not to store them near strong electromagnetic fields such as those generated by electrical equipment such as televisions or computers. Don't store them near any strong light sources either, especially in sunlight. Feel free to ask any further questions on the community forums.

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