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Gem Stone Categories

When determining which gem stones to use it is very important to understand their properties and have a clear plan of how to use them so you aren't just buying random stones. Make sure each and every gem you own is accounted for and holds utility and purpose, otherwise you will wind up wasting time, effort, and money on gathering superfluous resources. In this section we will focus on basic information; anything more in-depth can be discussed in the community forums. There are three categories we will group gem stones into for the sake of simplicity: Energy Manipulation, Protection, and Healing. The geometric properties of your gemstones hold significance and we will be making distinctions between rough and smooth gems. For more information please refer to the community forums for discussion.

Energy Manipulation

Energy manipulation will be the category that pertains to gems useful in energy work and gems that act as amplifiers. Amplification means that the gemstone helps to focus your energy work, making the energy during meditation much more pungent. Think of it as an energy magnifying 'lense' or an energy circuit element that creates positive feedback.

Amber- Amplifies energy being used during meditations. Place on altar to increase effectiveness of ritual.

Smooth and Rough Amethyst- Extremely versatile gemstones that acts as an energy amplifier.

Clear Quartz- Can be useful in energy storage. Gems such as Clear Quartz can be charged up like a battery, but the energy will leak out over time just like any other battery. Clear Quartz can also be used to amplify paired energy sources such as energies from your own projected intent or the energies emitted from other gemstones.

Smooth Rose Quartz- Can be used as an energy amplifier.

Rough Rose Quartz- Use for emotional purging. Helps to transmute depression and other buried emotions. Be advised this gemstone WILL bring to surface strong negative emotions so try not to use it for long sessions.

Smokey Quartz- Use for energy amplification. Can also be used for grounding.

Kyanite- Enhances visualization as well as the sending and receiving of energy signals.

Lapis Lazuli- Strengthens astral awareness, particularly works well with third eye chakra usage and intuition.



Protection, as many of you will find out sooner or later, is an important part of astral affairs. Certain gem stones are very useful in defensive techniques. These stones can be carried as protective charms or amulets for added security against both negative ambient energies and astral baddies.

Black Tourmaline- Transmutes and cleanses negative energies.

Smokey Quartz- Acts as a grounding element. It is a strong protection stone that will both protect you from negativity and transmute the energy by grounding it.

Black Onyx/Jet- Helps ward off unwanted energies, especially psychic attacks and helps to alleviate fear and depression. Helps to smooth out emotional turbulence. This stone requires frequent cleansing.

Tiger's Eye- Aura protection and protection from unwanted astral beings.

Citrine- Helps protect against nightmares.

Amber- Natural shielding aid.


Healing, cleansing, and removing negative energies is an extremely useful ability to have and there are many useful gemstones that can help your healing efforts.

Smooth Amethyst-
 Very useful in healing and cleansing negative energies. Rough amethyst, although a nice amplifier, is not as effective at healing as smooth amethyst.

Blue Calcite- Very beneficial for promoting health of organs, bones, joints, and for sharpening mental clarity. An overall great healing stone.

Bloodstone- Strengthens, purifies, vitalizes and regenerates bodily systems, especially the bloodstream.

Smooth Rose Quartz- Used when healing matters of the heart and emotions. Helps balance out emotions.

Selenite- Energizes the body and assists body in healing spinal conditions. Cleanses other gems when placed together.

After you get your gemstones, the most important thing to do is cleanse and empower them otherwise you may be working with conflicting energies from prior handlers or owners. It is also important once they are cleansed to keep them to yourself and not let your friends handle them unless you know your energies won't conflict. Some gems may require frequent cleansing when used regularly. Please refer to the page on cleansing your gems. For more information, feel free to ask questions in the community forum.

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