Also known as Decarabia

The best times to perform a personal ritual for Abraxas are during March 1st - 5th

Candle colour: Red or a darker golden yellow

Abraxas is a night being.

Abraxas is a very open god, very calm and relaxed, he does enjoy people who have built a relationship with him to keep in constant contact, the main image I get is of a lakeside meditation under a full moon, he does have a more feminine side (yes I mean he is gay) but is a very good god to build a relationship with, although he does not do much in the way of teaching he is a wonderful guardian and companion.

High Priest Shadderfer describes  Abraxas as a being of about 5 foot 7 with more of a Latin style tanned skin tone, short and well maintained black hair, skinny well dressed appearance being 1 of few gods who actually change outfits.

Abraxas does not have a sigil the ones drawn for him are on the right lines looking at the moon aspect, He instead prefers a nicely drawn picture of a full moon or a printed photo, he seems to have quite a strong connection and liking for the energy of the moon.


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