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Also known as Asmoday and Synoday.

The best time to perform a ritual for Asmodeus is during August 28th through September 1st

Candle color: Dark Blue or Black

Asmodeus is most active during the day.

Asmodeus answers questions on anything you may have, but you must never wear anything on your head while speaking with him since he sees this as disrespectful. He teaches many skills such as astronomy, mathematics, geomancy, geographical techniques for finding regions of energy, craftsmanship, and more. He aids one in the search for all areas of pleasure; there is no sleaze when it comes to pleasure. He can help with astral abilities you may be working on such as reading thoughts. He can also help with offensive energy manipulation.

He was born of a human mother and fathered by an Elder, making him a half-human.

Asmodeus has a gentle voice and is extremely pleasing to have around.

Asmodeus is a Gentleman in the truest sense of the word; he retains good posture and his attitude is pleasant yet firm. One should be well spoken and clear when speaking to him. He has black hair, tanned skin, and walks with his hands behind his back. He makes wonderful company and an excellent guardian.

His sigil is as follows:



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