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Known to the Canaanites as Astarte, to the Sumerians as Inanna, to the Babylonians, as Ishtar, to the Assyrians and Akkadians as Ashtart, Ashtoreth, Asherah, and Astoreth, to the Egyptians as Isis, Ashet and Aset, to the Phoenecians as Tanit-Ashtart and Ashtaroth. Her Ugaritic name was Anat and to the Greeks, she was known as Aphrodite. With that all being said, she prefers Astaroth or Ishtar, Ishtar being  her favorite of the two.

The best time to perform a ritual for Astaroth is during December 31st through January 9th.

Candle colour: brown or green

Astaroth most active during the day.

Like Enki and Enlil, she has been with humanity from the very beginning.  Astaroth is also Enlil's granddaughter.  Her parents are Ningal and Nanna.  She has been known as a 'Goddess of love and war' and also as the 'Goddess of fertility' to ancient cultures.  Easter (originally known as "Ishtar"), was stolen and warped by christianity.

She is known as a powerful warrior and her sacred animal is the lion.

 Astaroth answers truly concerning the past, present, and future. She discovers all secrets, and is an excellent teacher of the liberal sciences.  She causes one to have prophetic dreams or visions about the future and gives insight into the unknown. She also councils humans who are close to Enki and actively working for him. 

  Astaroth is a guidance counselor for both her fellow Elders and humans.

High Priest Shadderfer describes Astaroth to be a stunning blond, around 6 foot 5 in height, with blue eyes and a very compassionate nature. She is a founder of new and daring musical styles and a great patron of the arts. She is also stern with her directions and vastly helpful with solving problems and getting through tough situations.

Her sigil is as follows:




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