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The best time to perform a ritual for Buer is between May 5th and May 9th.

Candle color: Light blue

Buer prefers to be contacted during the day.

Buer is a very caring being and discourages all kinds of negative activities including the ingestion of toxins such as Alcohol. Although the Gods approve of alcohol and drugs, they do so in moderation and prefer to see us healthy and sober.

Buer is a healer and he is happy to help and heal pretty much any problem and can teach you how to keep healthy yourself. He is very involved in herbalism and can help teach that as well.

Buer can provide familiars to those he is close to.

Buer teaches philosophy and logic.

Buer appeared to High Priest Shadderfer as a tall man about 6 foot 2 with broad shoulders, long brown curly hair and a thick beard. He is well built and takes amusement in appearing as an intimidating viking. Nonetheless he is happy and helpful and seems to have the jolly, stereotypical persona of "Santa Claus". He is a pleasure to meet, he does not speak too much but has a deep booming voice.

His Sigil is as follows:


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