Enki is one of the oldest Gods known to mankind, dating back over 12,000 years ago in the first human civilisations. Enki was known to be the leader of a group of Gods who came to aid humanity, offering knowledge and guidance.

The idea of the Devil was a blanket concept used to group many old gods together as being antagonistic towards humanity's development, which we know to be false through communcations with these beings and close study of history and mythology. Enki has been known as Lucifer - the Morning Star
Melek Ta'us
In Sumeria as Enki - Master of the Earth, Ea - Bringer of Knowledge
in Egypt as Ptah - The Creator
and in many other cultures branching from Celtic, Nordic and Greek all the way back to the original human settlements.

In reality, Enki appears as a man like any human being, with a few differences due to his evolutionary process and biological modifications made to keep him and the other gods living longer. After all we were created with the help of the Gods' genetic code, right?

Enki's favourite colours are Red, Blue and Black, his aura is the only 1 known to shine a brilliant gold but when he has been meditating to gather even more energy he will have an electric blue on top of that that appears to be flaming from the gold, he is available both Day and night although he seems to be more alert during the night. (Note: although this is the case the whole world over the gods prefer either day or night so that people will only attempt to contact them in smaller groups rather than globally all at once)

Enki loves music and was the one who gave us music along with all the other creative outlets we enjoy, his favourite modern band is The Eagles, he is also quite partial to Alice in Chains, some Pearl Jam, and certain forms of Metal such as Tool and  Opeth however his true love is that of classical.
His day is Monday
Sacred Animals to Enki are the Peacock, Serpent, Raven, Goat and Dragon
His numbers are 2, 11 and 4
His Planets are Uranus and Venus (the Morning Star).
His Directions are both South and East, East being the side you use for him when speaking to Enlil, Enki, Astaroth, or Azazel.
His most Important Day of the year is December 23, when the Sun is approximately one degree into Capricorn. Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac and the first degree of this sign makes eleven. The day following the beginning of the Winter Solstice is his Personal Day, which should be observed by every dedicated Elder.

Enki Has 4 wives, not 5, this was a misconception of many sources instead of saying The idea of the 5th wife is a complicated and private matter that has not yet come to pass.
Enki dislikes dogs and spiders, and unlike most of the other gods he is not a vegetarian, and on occasion likes some alcohol in moderation.

Enki stands somewhere around 6 feet tall with pale skin, he has short to medium length blond hair and appears much like in this picture, without the wings of course.


And his most common Sigil or symbol when paying respects to him or just decorating your shrine is:

The fallen angel Lucifers sigil:


There are however a variety of Symbols and Sigils for Enki, it does not matter what you use to represent Enki as it is a personal choice and touch to your shrine.

Some of the Symbols Enki approves of are as follows.




Inverted Pentacle (The five corners represent the 5 properties of astral energy, fire, water, earth, air, and quintessence. Quintessence is pointing downward, which symbolizes that energy should be sent back into the Earth to be recycled rather than wasted.):



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