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As with Enki, Enlil is another Elder who was wrongfully antagonized as a demon and associated with evil. According to the grimoires he ended up being labeled as one of the four crown princes.

Enlil is the half-bother of Enki and he, like Enki and Astaroth, has been present since the the conception of humanity here on Earth. Enlil is also second in command to Enki. 
He also enforces unity between dedicated Aquarians as Enki does not approve of infighting.
Like typical siblings, Enki and Enlil do not get along all the time, but they know that they need one another to keep their decisions in check. 

Enlil is quite a bit taller than Enki and pretty wiry. He has fine brown hair, often in a bowl cut. He is very friendly and helpful to those who he is close to and show him respect, but he is also very against the use of alcohol and drugs and will try to get people to stop drinking much of anything.
He is ruthless and harsh to his enemies and if you do not show him respect he will refuse to speak to you, but he will not abandon those in his charge.

Enlil is the original "Bel", which later evolved into "Baal" meaning "Lord", or "Master".  He is also known as Baalzebub, or Beelzebub. He is also known as the Goetic demon "Bael". 
  Beelzebub, for those whom worshipped him in all places, was known as the God of weather and meteorology.  He also controlled the airways when the Nephilim came to Earth, thus he is referred to as lord of all that flies which was perverted in the bible to Lord of the Flies.
The name Enlil means “Lord of the Wind”.  Unlike the blasphemies and falsehoods written about him in the bible, Enlil was, and is, a protector and life giver.  As furious and destructive as he can be towards his enemies, he is extremely loving and kind to those who show him respect and are dedicated to Enki's cause. 

Those who are close to Enlil will find that when there is a threat, stress, or even a depressing situation they are circled by insects or birds; this is Enlil keeping a close watch on those he cares for. "It is a good feeling to have such a caring guardian.", states HP Shadderfer.

The best times to perform a ritual for Enlil are during March 21st through March 25th.

Candle colour: Black

His Direction is North when contacting him for rituals.

Enlil prefers daytime, but as with Enki is alert at night as well.

His Sigil is as follows:



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