Also known as Malaphar

The best times to perform a ritual for Valefor are during April 15th-19th

Candle colour: Green.

Valefor is a day being.

Valefor is an expert at occult medicine and can cure any illness.  He bestows dexterity with ones hands and sharpens ones mind.  He can change men into animals and is good at thievery and teaches how to steal.

Valefor is an excellent God to work with when healing and recovery is needed.  There have been times when High Priest Shadderfer and Priest Nyuushin were dealing with a situation to the best of their ability, and Valefor was a much needed wonderful helping hand. 

Priest  Nyuushin's experiences with Valefor have been greatly appreciated and greatly respected.  One of the situations in which Valefor aided Priest Nyuushin was when certain issues arose regarding another coven and HP Shadderfer with the aid of Valefor were there to help sever this link.  He also aided with some recovery efforts after this event took place.  He was also there to aid Priest Nyuushin with some recovery after certain astral events took place.  A green candle was always offered and lit everyday as a token of thanks, respect, and appreciation for Valefor's aid.

Valefor has a terrific sense of humor.  He often makes the clergy laugh out loud due to his humor and individuality.  One example of his humor was when, during certain astral events, he appeared to the clergy wearing a bikini of all things!  HP Nyuushin suggested a 'USDA Top Choice Beef' label to him in which Valefor willingly placed it as what seemed to be a tattoo on a butt cheek as he strutted his stuff.  Another example was when Priest Nyuushin was trying out the water shield (see Personal Shields in the Meditations section) in which he was in a pool of water.  Valefor decided to stop by and stood at the side of this body of water wearing an old sailors outfit with a lollipop in his mouth, giggling at Priest Nyuushin's attempt. HP Shadderfer has had many experiences with Valefor from general help from astral attacks and sealing of his room to battles at his side and general talks, although Valefor is not HP Shadderfer main guardian, he is there for him as a close friend and always up for a joke. HP Shadderfer recalls being heavily attacked by an unknown source writhing in pain when Valefor appeared next to him relieving the pain and fixing the problem with immense concentration and the look of concern for a friend on his face, as soon as the situation had been resolved Valefor decided to do a victory dance complete with stripper pole and humorously revealing costume.
Not only is Valefor a wonderful God who is excellent at healing and excellent to work with, he has a great sense of humour as do most of the Gods.  Of course, as with all the Gods, the utmost respect and appreciation are always important when seeking his help.   

HP Shadderfer  Describes Valefor at about 6 ft 2” in height brown hair in a short bowl cut, fair skinned with a light tan, although he is in good shape he likes to appear somewhat chubby, although he is a sensible and hard working being he likes to show himself as a reckless fun loving “sex machine” in his words,  though it is mostly humorous or at times a little creepy.

Valefor is Kind and always happy to help and joke around, but when he speaks seriously you should listen, he is an absolute joy to know.

His Sigil is as follows:


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