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As of May 26th, 2011 We have established a head office and the congregation is now open for membership. We will be creating some forms for Dedicants to fill out in the near future, there is also the addition of the new Temple forums where membership is closed to all but those in the congregation.

Welcome to the Church of the Elders section of the website, in the past we concentrated on just presenting some information for people who seek to advance down the path, but over the last 3 years the site has built up more and more, the forums and community have grown and the Church now has a substantial congregation, along with this the church has also grown, with our latest developments we have decided to add this section to the site, we did not want to create a whole new site and have the issue of repeating what we have placed on EnkiEA but we did not want to neglect that information either so after various meetings, legal forms and other information we have decided to officially create the organisation intermingling with the site, although we had always called ourselves the Church of the Elders it was not until recently when we made this official, what does that mean for all of you? well actually this is a good thing, no longer will we just blend in with every other path offering information on the net but we have now stood up above that, we are an official religious organisation with fully and legally ordained ministers well versed in who we are and what we do rather than a bunch of people who have an idea of a path and slap on a title, we have our own set of officially recognised rituals, celebrations and far more, this does not mean we will be changing, this only means we have gotten stronger., We will soon be opening registration for our community members to join the church itself and become part of this leap forward under the gods

On to more news.

We have officially adopted this sigil as the symbol of Enki and of the Church .



Our Clergy now consists of 4 members. Due to our current size, all priests are ordained through the Universal Life Church, Modesto California, United States. (all information for these individuals including names, addresses and more is kept private)

Shadderfer - High Priest 

Schwartzritter - Priest

Ancient Honesty - Apprentice 

Lucius Warcry - Cleric, 2nd Order 

We will soon be putting up a form for people who wish to register to become part of the church


Our list of rankings within the church has been added to the Church of the Elders site section, so has our list of celebration dates and official church rituals.


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