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People who suffer from epilepsy and seizures, or who are on psychiatric medication, should not perform any of these meditations. These meditations are highly effective in opening the chakras and stimulating energy pathways. Those who have not performed the dedication ritual or are outsiders to this path should be very cautious when considering starting these meditations.

There are a certain number of repetitions for each exercise. If you feel overwhelmed at any time, take a break.

During the meditations you will feel pressure, headaches, and possibly nervous responses. They will wax and wane in intensity during your progress so do not be alarmed. You are accessing unused parts of yourself and your body will need time to adjust. Good luck!

The Awakenings (Opening the Chakras):

The awakenings are essential for beginners to perform in order to initially open up their chakras. When you start the awakenings, you must take your time and follow them at your own pace. You should also be practicing the void and aura cleanse meditations daily during the awakening process.

Please note that empowering your chakras is not done by adding energy to them constantly, but by putting them to use. Yes, you can add energy and make them stronger and that is fine and dandy, but in order to see any effects from them you need to use them as a point to radiate energy from. You need to get them used to operating and you will learn to feel and manipulate the energies around you.

Before starting any of these meditations you MUST be using the aura cleansing meditation at least twice a day. The aura cleansing meditation must be used from the day you start meditation onwards, it is a crucial meditation akin to bathing oneself.

The Third Eye

Crown Chakra & Pineal Gland

The Hand Chakras

The Throat Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Solar Plexus

The Base Chakra

The Foot Chakras

The Sacral Chakra


The beginner's meditations can be used by anyone, whether you are experimenting with meditations or just getting into Aquarianism. They will be placed more or less in the order they should be attempted. Note, that these meditations don't lose value once you reach an intermediate or advanced stage, these meditations are still very important to perform consistently.
Note: Yoga is a very good skill to learn to help improve the effectiveness of these meditations.

The aura cleanse must be used from the day you start meditation onwards, it is a crucial meditation that needs to be used every day.

Void Meditation

Aura Cleansing

Energy Meditations

Easy Chakra Spin



Sound Meditation

 Balloon Meditation


These meditations are still in line with the beginners, but in order to use these it is recommended that you are dedicated to the path to continue. The advanced meditations however should not be attempted by anyone without a guardian.
These meditations are for those who know what they are doing and have completed the awakenings section.

Interacting with your Higher Self - in the middle of a rewrite

Circulating Energy

Planet Meditation


Warning: From this point onward please do not attempt any of the meditations unless you have performed the Dedication Ritual or are supervised by a Priest from this site; this is for your own safety.


Using Your Aura

Astral Projection

Solar Meditation

 Elemental Meditation:

 Elemental meditations are useful in many ways, but are primarily used to balance your emotions. They can aid in controlling anger and depression as well as improving your overall well-being. There are four fundamental elemental meditations and a fifth advanced elemental meditation for pure energy. If you overuse an element, don't worry. You can balance it out with the others.








This is a good technique for everyone to use and a necessity for intermediate Aquarians. These meditations provide protection that scales with your personal ability.




The advanced section should only be performed by experienced, dedicated practitioners. Again, this is for your own safety. If you wish to know if you are able to handle these meditations or not, please contact a Priest from this site either through PM on the forums or by e-mail.

Healing and Removing

The Rest of the Advanced techniques have been removed from the public site and will only be present to forum members who are known to be ready to attempt them


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