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Quintessence (Astral) Meditation

The Astral meditation is the most neglected of the meditations, it is counted as the Fifth Element and is a very very important meditation to use.

Very similar to the basic Energy meditation but the astral has far more uses, taking in this raw energy means that you have a better anchorage to the astral plane, your health and well being is much higher than usual, you will be stronger, more energetic and happier, it will give you a better link to your abilities and enable you to do far more than you usually could, it is like giving yourself and your soul a boost of pure and healthy energy, it has a small portion of each element tied into it and should give you an immediate effect you can distinctly feel.

This meditation although similar to the other elements only a little harder to perform. you start off by entering a trance, as usual the deeper the better, from here you imagine yourself in a void, nothing but blackness, try to view yourself simultaneously from a 1st and 3rd person perspective. This may be hard for some but if you can do this all at once the effect will be much stronger, once in the void see a large collection of electric blue energy, see this energy coming towards you, place yourself in 3rd person lightly below you and to your left so you can see the energy hitting both at once

now as you breathe in see the energy diffuse in large amounts into you, make it as bright as you want and see it collect in your stomach area, if you feel confident enough then at the furthest point of the energy cloud see each of the 4 elements around it pouring in adding to the energy flow, this will give you an even balance of all the elements at the same time, it does not mean you can neglect the other elemental meditations but it will help.

do this for approximately seven breaths, if you can handle more and feel stable from it do so.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask on the forums


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