Using Your Aura

Astral energy is everywhere, interwoven between the physical and the astral, this energy is present in almost every aspect of the universe that is able to be manipulated by the connection we have between planes. The aura is just an extension of ourselves and in so we can use it like " limbs" stretching between plains, "limbs" made up of that astral energy allowing us to interact with everything around us on a much deeper level, strengthening our constitution and well being and storing further experiences to our soul whilst strengthening it further for the next life.

Everyone has a slight difference in their aura mainly due to the energy of their soul that is built up from unique experiences and lives, the aura itself is very similar between each person of a certain level, depending on your meditation style or just plain power and knowledge you will either naturally have a certain type of aura or build up one from your methods, it is the connection with the soul it surrounds that allows us to tell each other apart in a unique way astrally, the colour and strength of someone's aura will just be able to tell you the strengths or limitations of their abilities as well as the progress of their advancement.

If you have opened your third eye and have some practical use out of it where you know you can see energy and beings astrally then you will be able to see auras, if you are not experienced with using your third eye it may take a little more effort, all you need to do is calm your mind or for those new to it enter a trance, then if you focus either on your hand or a person near by who is standing still you will be able to see the aura as a fine mist of energy flowing around that person, not very far, for normal people it is running on the surface of the skin, for highly advanced people it will stretch about a cm thick on the surface of the skin, for the gods it is much larger stretching out several inches. Feeling auras on the other hand can be a little harder as people tend to get used to the feeling of energy and like a hot bath soon adjust meaning that you have to concentrate harder to feel anything.

Remember, cleaning your aura must be done every day to remove any negative effects, and only clean with brilliant blue energy, some might tell you to use white energy but you must NEVER do this, white is the reflection or release of light and energy and is very harmful to use on yourself, some beings usually angelic use a surrounding of white energy to look clean and impressive, it has no value or benefit.

The meditation itself is extremely simple and can be used for self gain and health as well as helping to work on those around you for a desired effect, just as with your personality confidence has a huge part to play in this.

all you need to do is go into a trance, as usual the heavier the trance the better and as you clean your aura using the beginners section aura cleansing technique, at the point you are focusing on your aura take some extra time to add something extra to it, say you want some luck think hard and as you make the energy in your aura brighter and stronger think hard that with that you will also have more luck with things, or that you are going to attract people more or whatever it is you want, at the same time you can use it on other people such as infusing the idea that they will see you as a better person, stronger, better looking, whatever it is you are concerned about yourself, infusing this with confidence will have a pronounced effect and you will feel better yourself, to help you with this there are also colours you can use, but you must not make your whole aura those colours (apart from blue), each one must just add as a tint to your aura.

The colours and their effects are as follows: lightning blue adds health, strength, knowledge and power, this is the colour you will already be using and is very healthy and important to use. Copper Green adds luck and help with gains of things such as money or love. Orange will help with your confidence and personality. Purple helps with astral abilities, be careful with this one, especially if you are using darker purples, rather stick with the lightning blue. Yellow helps with knowledge.

There are colours used for negative effects and others which are just difficult to use, they are as follows: Gold is more shown naturally and you should not add yourself, this is the colour only very few have, Enki has a golden aura with lightning blue on top of that, this represents his knowledge, status and ability more than anything else. Red usually amplifies aggression so be very careful if you use it, although it can really help with any areas you need to spice up your passion. Gray and Black should never be used unless you are under the supervision of a High priest or extremely experienced, or you are using it on others, using Black or gray will act as a poison in your system, it absorbs energy and causes many problems. White and silver, these are the opposite to gray and black but just as dangerous, they reflect energy also causing inconsistency in the body and are very harmful, most other people mistake black, white and silver and use them in meditations which is a very stupid thing to do, Gray, Black, white and Silver are for use in curses and attacks only.

This sort of thing is difficult and should not be used often so there has not been great detail here about it, if you wish to know anything in more detail please contact us through the forums


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