Balloon Meditation

This meditation was created as a means of dealing with, confronting, and conquering fear. For some, dealing with fears and anxieties can be less difficult. For others, there may be some deep issues or perhaps even phobias or 'scars' which may require some assistance from either a friend, family member, or a spiritual guardian. One must be brave to face fears. So please be careful when using this meditation.

Begin by lighting candles, incense etc or whatever you do to relax. Enter a trance state. The deeper, the better. Visualize yourself entering and standing in the basket of a hot air balloon. Notice the balloon is grounded, tied to the ground, unable to go anywhere. Tied to the sides of the basket are empty containers. On each container, write the name of the fears and anxieties that are present in your life. Depending on the fear, you may label many containers, or just one or two. However many you feel you'd like to address. Now cut the ropes holding the balloon on the ground. The balloon rises only a little. Focus on that labelled container. Now, bring forth that fear. Visualize it, focus on it. Think of the many occasions it's effected in your life. Let it be in front of you. Face it. How does it make you feel? Allow yourself to fill with emotion. When facing these fears, one might become angry, saddened, tearful, etc. As you focus on these things, visualize the container filling with this negative energy. This can be a black energy, liquid, etc. Just see how it comes out. Push all of these feelings into the container. Focus on it as long as you need to or feel comfortable. Put your whole self into it. When you're finished, and the container is full, grab a pair of large sheers and cut the robe holding the container. See the container fall to the ground. The balloon now rises a ways as the weight has been let go. Now focus on another labelled container. Do the same. Don't be afraid to put your whole selves into it visual-wise and emotional-wise. Cut the rope to that container. See it fall to the ground, and see the balloon rise some more. With each fear you face, with each container you fill and release, the balloon ascends higher. After your session is complete, and all of the fears and phobias you've chosen to focus on has been let go, the balloon ascends to the clouds and you may enjoy a beautiful ride. Journey over wherever you wish for your work is done and you are deserving of an unbound, free ride. Visualize floating over beautiful streams, forests, waterfalls etc. Make it beautiful as you can.
This meditation can be repeated as many times as needed until you feel you've let go of these fears. As new fears or anxieties arise, you may use this method to face and let go of them.
Again, if you have some truly deep fears and issues, you may ask your guardian or in a ritual, ask Enki to send a God to you as you do this meditation to help you focus on, confront, and safely release this these deep down issues and fears.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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