Circulating Energy

This Meditation can be quite powerful for those who have reached this stage of meditation and is used by martial artists and advancing members of the church to help get a feel for energy which in turn helps to control it.

To perform this meditation you need to have patience as it takes approximately 30 minutes and when you first start it can be difficult to feel the energy. It takes repeated meditations to begin to control the energy at will.

In this Meditation for a change you feel the energy rather than visualise it, feeling energy helps you to recognize different energy signatures which helps you to identify what is around you weather it is a presence of a god or a type of attack on you.

1. Focus on your crown chakra. Just sit 3-4 minutes and meditate on this chakra. You may feel it as a sort of crawling sensation, which is normal. When one advances or on occasion, there is an intense feeling of bliss. You may also feel a pressure there.

2. Now shift your focus to your third eye. Meditate on your third eye for several minutes. Feeling a pressure here is normal.

3. Move your attention now to your throat chakra and do the same as with the above two chakras.

4. Now move your energy to your heart chakra and focus for a few minutes the same as the previous chakras.

5. Focus now on your solar plexus and do the same.

6. Follow with your second/sacral chakra- do the same again.

7. Now focus on the area between your perineum. This is between the rectum and scrotum for men and between the rectum and vagina for women. This is a power spot. Visualise the energy glowing brightly like the sun here.

8. Move the energy to your base chakra and meditate for 3-4 minutes or so on your base chakra.

9. Now, direct the energy up your spine into your second chakra. (This is the second chakra located on your spine- with the first circulation, we focused on the chakras in the front, we are now directing the energy up the back).

10. Continue to do the same, directing the energy up into each chakra, one by one located in the spine, until you reach your crown.

11. This time, you can direct the energy without pausing, moving it along down the front of your body chakra by chakra until you stop again at the perineum and direct the energy up your spine.

Keep circulating the energy as long as you wish. This exercise will enable you to control and direct energy. This is small step to controlling a lot of power later on. You will establish a mind connection to where you are able to focus and the energy will follow. This can be used for healing, empowering or otherwise.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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