Clairsignation is a brand new meditation based on the sensing of energy  (the roots of both this word and meditation originate from the Aquarian path under Enki), it has been needed for a long time and here is why:

Whenever people meditate, whenever they contact any being their first reaction is to take whatever is said or presented to them at face value... notice the mistake?... well this is why so many people either become extremists or just generally fly off the handle and that is why on this path we strive to teach each and every person exactly how to accurately contact the gods and how to identify any being from sensing it's energy alone.

there are a few steps to learning this ability, it starts with teaching you how to sense natural energy around you, trees, grass, plants... these energies are positive and abundant and will get you used to feeling energy, that is step 1 and is called the Nature Meditation, after that you learn to take it a step further by feeling the presence of energy on people you know,  pick up on the different aspects that can match their personality weather positive or negative, once you feel you have mastered that you can test it by sensing people you don't know very well and finding out about them... finally once you have mastered those steps and feel pretty confident you can sense energies that can show us what a person is like and how healthy their energy is and more you can use this during your own meditations and rituals to help identify what if any beings are around you, weather it is an inquisitive spirit, a helpful god or a being pretending to be something it is not... Each of these steps will be clearly explained here but please do not move to the next one until you feel totally confident you have mastered the last, this ability is extremely important to Aquarians as it helps each of us identify what beings we are talking to and confirm our connection to the gods.


Nature Meditation

Further steps still to come




*This method was given by Enki to High Priest Shadderfer*


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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