Earth Meditation

The element of earth adds stability to life, it helps you keep a firm control of your emotions or even your life, those who find themselves having a hard time controlling emotions such as depression or even some anger should be using this meditation, those with anger should also use some Water.

If you are lacking in earth you will find that you are spaced out and uncaring about the world around you and even your own health, by using this meditation you will be more concerned with your health and your plans, you will live a healthier life.

This meditation is done in a very similar way to the water meditation, you imagine yourself in the centre of gravity, maybe in the hollow of a cave but in the centre of the earth with the pressure of the planet all around you, once you have done this take in a deep breath, as you breathe in feel yourself getting heavier as you see the energy from around you diffuse in, again make it electric blue but it can be anything from the earth or rocks to however you perceive the gravity to look like, do this for about 7 breaths or more as you feel comfortable.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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