Easy Chakra Spin


Disclaimer: Chakra colours are misrepresented by the image above. All chakras should be cleansed and empowered using electric blue energy only. No exceptions!

    This meditation only takes a few minutes to perform so it can be done anywhere you have a moment to concentrate. Performing this meditation regularly can help ward off illness and misfortune. This meditation also makes us more receptive to astral energies as well as provides both astral and physical protection. Daily usage builds a strong energy field that increased each time it is performed although the meditation will have to be continued to retain any short term benefits.

    When performing the meditation start with the base, or root, chakra moving upwards one chakra at a time. Make sure to focus on both ventral and dorsal circulation. First visualize your root chakra as a small, brilliant blue sun and gently push it to spin down ventrally, and up dorsally until it does so on its own. Then work your way up slowly to the sacral chakra and so on. Make sure as you move on you keep each previous chakra spinning in your visualization. An important note! When you reach the third eye chakra make sure to spin the energy more towards the center of your head, between the pineal gland and third eye and not at the surface of your forehead.

    Depending on how strong your concentration, this is a nice way of cleansing your chakras since any blockages or negative energy clusters will be broken apart during a full chakra spin.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 - 2014



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