Energy Meditations

There are a number of different energy meditations ranging from the basic intake of energy from around you to taking in energy from the sun, moon or even elements, in this meditation we will show you how to take in energy for beginners as well as solar and lunar energies.
Although this meditation is excellent for beginners as it gives one a feel for energy and sets the foundation to manipulate it. This meditation also strengthens the aura when done regularly, it is also keeps the user healthy and adds a good stock of energy for use in magick.

1. Begin by relaxing your entire body. The deeper the trance, the more effective, but this meditation can be done at any time and a trance is not necessary.

2. Breath in and as you do that draw in energy as if lightning blue electricity was diffusing into you from all sides of your body, front, back, top of your head and bottom of your feet. You should visualize blue brilliant light, like lightning. Working with colours is more advanced and most effective when you are a bit more experienced.
If you are doing solar or lunar energy make sure you are sat outside under the sun or moon and imagine an energy similar to either the brilliance of the suns or the sigh of the moon enter you.

3. Exhale and visualize the energy expanding your aura

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 several times but with each breath imagine your aura glowing brighter and brighter in strength.

When working with colours, visualize the colour becoming more and more powerful and vibrant. You will notice each colour has a different feel to it. Colours can be used to attract according to their nature.

You can also breathe in energy from the front and back sides of your body at the same time to meet in the middle, then do the sides and top and bottom. After this, let your aura expand outwards.

With this meditation, you can also practice expanding and contracting your aura.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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