Fire Meditation

The Fire Element gives passion, enthusiasm and confidence to a personality, although it adds a little self centred attributes too, having too much fire usually results in rage, anger and many other very concerning problems, people with too much fire will know they tend to be angry but will not care about working on it, they will think they are always right and that will be the end of it, if that is the case you should work on a lot of water elementals and balance the rest as well.

A lack of fire seem to pity themselves, lack confidence or ability and will sit there feeling sorry for themselves letting the world overcome them.

The Fire meditation is very much like the others and is easy to perform, start by entering a trance, the deeper the better, from here picture yourself in somewhere you connect with heat, a pool of lava, a pit of fire or just baking outside on a hot and humid day, try to feel warmth, not heat just a comfortable warmth from this as the heat surrounds you.

From here as with the other meditations you just breathe in and out slowly, and as you do imagine the fire around you glowing electric blue and diffusing into you and collecting around your stomach area, do not over use fire as this is the most dangerous element to use, seven breaths should be fine for a normal elemental meditation but if you are trying to balance out the others take in as much as you feel safe doing.

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Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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