Opening the Hand Chakras


When this meditation is done regularly it works to produce a clear pathway of energy through the hands which can be used for many things such as healing, telekinesis and even the "death touch" (Dim Mak), and even Pyrokenesis. These abilities do need a strong aura in order to perform and daily exercise to empower the hand chakras are needed, but do not try to rush into these abilities as they can take years to develop.

1. Sit comfortable and try to get into a trance, as usual the deeper the trance the better the effect.

2. Press the face of your thumb into the hollow of each palm.

3. place hands facing each other and relaxed, fingers can be bent as long as the palms of your hands are facing each other and your hands are not touching.

4. Focus on the palms of your hands where you have pressed your thumbs and imagine energy slowly moving through your arms to that point, try to feel the energy flow as this happens.

5. Keep your focus here and begin to push the energy out of your hands and concentrate it into a ball between your hands., you will feel a warmth growing between your hands as this happens.

6. begin to move your hands an inch or two apart and then back to the point your finger tips almost touch, the more you practice and stronger you get the further you can do this and still feel the energy flow.

7. Begin to build the energy ball up now into a white how sun, keep doing this until you feel the energy as heat, cold or even a tingling or throbbing, but make sour that you feel it.

8. now relax your arms and just concentrate on the energy flow through them.

9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 four more times.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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