Healing and Removal

Healing and the removal of negative energies should be practiced at around the same time, this increases the healing ability and makes sure you do not leave any harmful substances within.

It is very important that you cleanse your aura thoroughly before performing this. It is equally important that you do not perform and psi vampirism (stealing other peoples energy) if you wish to be a healer as it can bring in many negative effects which are very unhealthy to you and the people you treat.

Firstly removal, this is very simple, there are a number of different effects you will need to remove and three main techniques to remove them.

The first method is very simple, you visualise (or if your astral vision is any good see) the attack or negative energy as a smooth straight bar sticking out of the person it is inflicted on, just grab hold of this bar or visualise you are grabbing hold of it and pull it straight out, remember to dispose of it, what I do is create a box or container astrally in a corner or next to a chair, somewhere you are not going to walk, inside this container imagine a liquid that can dissolve anything into harmless energy that then diffuses away.
As soon as you have removed the negative energy fill the gap with strong electric blue energy, this is positive and will help the healing and prevent the damage manifesting physically.

The second method is very similar top the first where you imagine an orb in the damaged area and through a method similar to telekinesis you see it removed passing through the rest of the energy instead of making a pathway, again fill the gap with electric blue energy.

The final version is a little too hard to explain non here, it is the same method as the gods use, if you have difficult energy that you cannot remove please contact a God or a Priest (be aware not all of the clergy have mastered this so they may have to point you to one who is).

The Method of adding the electric blue energy is very simple, you pull energy in from around you and focus it using your hand charka into the area it is needed, you may use a gem stone to increate potency, please look to the Gem Stones section for which will be useful (that section is not up yet so feel free to ask on the forums).


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