Planet Meditation

Due to thousands of years of damage both spiritually and physically, our planet is left in a severely depleted state, its once plentiful energies destroyed by christianity, idiot cults sending energy to the heavens, mistaken people using it without respect and of course basic human greed, but, there is something we can do.

This meditation is placed as an intermediate so that people who attempt it have already made sure their energy levels are well balanced after practicing the beginners section, it is also recommended that you be dedicated to or working toward dedicating on the Aquarian path due to our abundant use of natural energy which will be the best to use for this situation.

For this meditation you will need a point down pentacle (one without the circle around it), it does not need to be a pendant and you can make one yourself. It is also recommended to be standing outside on natural ground barefoot. You will also be pushing energy through your foot chakras so it is best to have practiced this for a while.

This meditation can be programmed to work constantly for those more advanced and comfortable in order to let your natural excess energies  to constantly flow into the earth instead of dissipating around you.


First of all you will need to sit down and enter a basic trance, as usual the deeper the better, from here start to perform the basic energy meditation, take in as much energy as you can but use your aura to seal it in, see your whole body fill with as much blue energy as you can and swirl it around, careful however this can make you feel a little nauseous and dizzy as you compact a large amount of excess energy.

Next you will need to head outside, if you are already there just stand up holding your pentacle point down in both hands in front of your heart chakras, focussing on it start to see your energy slow down from its swirling and open your foot chakras, at this point see the energy flow slowly out of your foot chakras and spread slowly into the plant itself, although you will notice this is a very small amount of energy flowing out by repeating this meditation daily you will be replenishing the energy as well as programming your aura to lock energy in and release the excess slowly into the planet automatically, be sure to cleanse often and for those who are advanced enough you can create a stationary energy platform in your shins to block any negative energy from passing.

And that is all it takes, lets just hope more and more people decide to start using this meditation and the planet can finally start to heal.

Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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