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Astral Projection

During astral projection it feels like you are floating outside of your body due to the extreme reduction of gravitational forces. You are able to travel through the corporeal world as an observer, able to see specific locations and experience new areas. This is also useful for travelling to meet the Elders. Some people will even have an astral temple of their own they can stay in whilst astrally projecting.

The meditation itself is very simple, unfortunately achieving the goal is not easy and it can take years to properly control.

Start by entering a trance, the deeper the more effective. Look through your third eye and feel your body as a shell around you, embrace a feeling of weightlessness, and just try to get up and move around. Remember, don't physically get up and move around, but instead keep your body still like it is just a container and you're trying to float out of it. Once you are able to float above yourself and look down at your own body, then you can start moving around and seeing things. The feeling of leaving your body can be startling, but just go with it. You may experience an intense buzzing or humming sensation in your head or teeth, this is normal.


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