Personal Shields

This is not only incredibly easy to do but also incredibly effective.

Personal Shields can be used for many different things, they can be a general shield to deflect attacks, shields to repel certain beings or just a general shield for safety.

At first the shields will take effort to keep in place, you will need to visualize them to keep them in place but as you grow adept they will be far more stable and remain with very little effort.

To erect a shield all you need to do is visualize yourself astrally, visualize your aura and outside of that just a few inches out imagine yourself completely surrounded by a shield, similar to those used on sci fi shows, the electric blue shield that resembles a sheet of glass but only energy, as you visualize this shield empower it with what it is to reflect, visualize it doing its job, for example see what it is that is attacking you being reflected, see it not being able to penetrate the energy.

If you are a beginner at this put energy into the shield every now and again make sure it is not decaying and keep it in your head, those who are more advanced only need to maintain there's every few hours or even days, it is best to only use a shield when it is needed, the point is to learn to protect yourself from the astral, protect yourself form harm, not just ignore it.

Putting up a personal shield can be a bit challenging for beginners and well as those more advanced. Sometimes it can be a little challenging to visualize shields especially when applying colour. Another method that can be effective and a bit easier is to visualize yourself in a pool of water. I'm sure all of us have been in pool or lake at some time or another and have been underwater as a result of snorkelling or after diving. So start out by picturing your favourite lake or pool. Don't be too concerned with the surrounding, just a familiar body of water. Now, visualize yourself jumping or walking into this body of water. Don't be concerned with feeling the temperature or other senses associated with water, just picture yourself going into this body of water and ascending to the very bottom. Give plenty of water above you as you sit at the bottom. Picture yourself completely underwater, able to breathe and act as if you were above water on land. Programming is not a necessity, just a strong will, or focus as to what you're intending this water to do. Visualize this water acting like a tough jelly mould, stopping energy balls, or weapons from penetrating too deep and reaching you. For those who are familiar, there is a specific jelly type substance that is used when discharging a firearm that stops the bullet from going all the way through. This is used to test firearms, bullets, and residue when researching a case. Think of the same thing happening with this water that you're submerged in. Astral beings, weapons, negative energies etc. are stopped only a few inches into this jelly type substance, not able to reach you at the bottom. This may need to be reinforced a few times a day especially if you feel a more constant threat. You can picture yourself swimming around at the bottom if you wish. Be confident in this shield being effective. Know it's intent! For those of you who experience difficulty in dealing with colour and using an energy shield, give this method a try, and give us your feedback as to what works for you and it's effectiveness.

*This method of shielding was given by Enki to High Priest Shadderfer*

That is all there is to it, if you have any questions on this please post them on the forums


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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