Solar Meditation

Energy from the sun is a big part of our lives and life on earth itself ranging from hat and light to nourishment, but that is not all it can be used for, as shown in the Astrology section of the site each planet has been imbued with different energies, the sun is no exception, it radiates energy as it does with light and it is very easy to use this energy.

this is a very simple and enjoyable meditation you can do in pretty much any location and people will think you are just enjoying the sun.

whilst you are sat outside on a sunny day (other days work but you get more effect from a bright sunny day which helps you focus the energy through feeling the warmth etc)

enter a trance, the depth does not matter during this meditation but if you can easily enter a deep trance then do so.

picture the light from the sun and everywhere around you from everything u see radiating towards you and take a deep breath, as you do this imagine the energy flowing into you and brighten yourself with sunlight imagining yourself getting brighter and brighter with each breath you take.

the number of breaths do not matter as you will feel happier and healthier as you take each added breath, once you have too much you may feel lightly nauseous and this is when you can stop, a good amount is around 30 breaths though if you can do so you can reach several hundred.


Enki Ea 28th May 2007 / 2007-2017



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