Water Meditation

The water element is very useful, it can be used to control anger, help you relax and even clear your mind more, it will get you in touch with your feelings and abilities.

Too much water can add to depression or paranoia, too little will result in anger issues and many other problems, a lot of relationship problems can be helped by using water meditation to adjust your temperament.

this is very simple to perform, firstly enter a trance, the depth does not really matter, it is important to clear your mind and try to relax, if you are in an aggressive mood and having a hard time trying to shake it then try to spend an extra bit of time on the beginning visualization before taking the energy in.

Now that you are ready to begin you start by visualizing yourself in a body of water, (this is very easy and effective and should also help you learn to visualise many other scenarios in meditation), try to feel the water, its temperature and pressure on your skin, the current moving around you and the sound of being submerged, this can be any familiar area from a swimming pool to a lake.

Once you have the visualization done you may start to take in the energy, for the most part this is done with seven breaths but for more adept people you can extend it to as many as you feel comfortable doing, for each breath imagine the water around you glowing an electric blue and see it diffusing into you and build up just below your solar plexus, during this meditation you should feel more relaxed and clear headed.

if you do use too much water but do tend to have violent tendencies you can use some of the earth element to balance your emotions and give you a better footing that should prevent any depressive feelings, using air will then add back some mental abilities that could have been suppressed as well. and if you do not have any violent tendencies using some fire should help retain an easier balance.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask on the forums


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