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I am certain that many people who come here will want to know about my background. The following is a very brief history of my experience upon the path. This is a brief biography and I have made no effort to catalog every detail as I could write a book and still not cover everything I have experienced.

I began in late 1994. I was originally fascinated by the Tarot and the usual stuff the New Age movement presented at the time. I found myself desiring more knowledge and wanting to expand my views. I eventually joined up as an associate (uninitiated) member of the "Builders of the Adytum", an offshoot of the original Order of the Golden Dawn. At the time, I was completely ignorant of who and what they were, let alone what I was opening myself to. Needless to say, I made my first break into the path through the teachings I received from them. I felt dissatisfied. I did not feel that their approach was right for me and left in 1996. From there, I explored qaballah and the various RHP paths. For lack of a better description, I was a full-blown RHP mage. I also explored what was available regarding Wicca at the time. This exploration continued for around four years. During this time, I experienced many reversals of knowledge and understanding. I never had any real mentors or teachers and the internet was still too new to be as omnipresent as it is today. I was, for the most part, left on my own to explore the path, for better or worse.

2001 was quite pivotal for me due to the need to go underground in my practices and to a nasty reversal of fortune. I learned to accomplish tasks without the need for ritual or devices and made the first of my major advances. In 2003, I became affiliated with a forum, "Fingerprints on the Mirror", which was a site dedicated to disrupting the growing nuisance of "Fluffybunny" Wicca and the whole Whitelighter nonsense. Over time and three incarnations, this forum faded and its members went their separate ways.

2004 proved to be a trying time as I suffered the initial shock of what I call "burnout". This was a combination of various events that rendered me relatively inert regarding anything the path had to offer and I led a relatively mundane existence frustrated by my inability.

I discovered the Aquarian Community Forum in 2008. This was spurred on by reading a book on the Qliphoth and exploring various LHP sites, including JoS. I felt their approach was wrong and that the hatred I encountered would have the opposite effect. My need to find an alternative without hate led me to the Aquarian Community and my subsequent recovery from burnout.

I quickly became accepted into the community and eventually became a trusted member, a moderator and an administrator of the forums under HP Shadderfer. The idea of elevating the forum and site to a full religious movement had been a goal of Shadderfer's for a while and, once my abilities became apparent, was invited to assist in this process.

I was initially reluctant to accept ordination of any kind for any reason because there are certain obligations that go with such ordination. When it became apparent that I would be needed in this capacity, I accepted the position. My ordination is completely legal and I posses a parallel ordination through the Universal Life Church to ensure the authenticity of my position.

I now look forward to the establishment of both the international and the United States branch of the Church of the Elders and hope to help those who desire spiritual evolution and to offer my assistance to those earnest and brave enough to walk this path.

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