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The Importance of Meditation

Originally Posted: April 24, 2010

Thanks to the many New Age paths, most people do not understand the concept of meditation. Perceptions normally take the form of what people expect from Eastern Religions or associated martial arts. However, none of these sources has truly explained both what meditation is and, more directly, why it is of primary importance to a person's development. Certain mental and physical functions of the human body require the brain to be in a certain state where a specific baseline brainwave pattern exists. Science succeeded in recognizing and classifying these phases as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta, Each wave category reflects the brain in a different phase. The brain and the body react positively to developmental and evolutionary efforts at the Alpha-Theta threshold. It is the "line" between consciousness and unconsciousness and is where the body is most reactive to change and repair. Meditation actively trains us to maintain this fragile brain wave state in order to invoke preprogrammed changes and to incorporate them into the self. Meditation is the programming phase of the evolutionary process and this shows the true importance and purpose of meditation.

The prevalence of New Age frauds and Whitelighter idiots mistake the calm, peaceful process as simple relaxation. To hear them explain it, that is all they are doing, once you strip away their double speak. Martial Artists and Eastern Religious practitioners made meditation a focal point in their mental and physical preparations, but the secretive nature of many of the root cultures intentionally hid the true purpose of meditation and even these respectable groups operate from misinformation. This is not to say that there are not people who have figured out the secret on their own, most people in these groups do not know and many people who "teach" meditation do not know themselves.

Meditation is NOT relaxation. The calm sensation and the feeling of one's energy is NOT the end means. Meditation is a preparatory state to reprogram the body and mind. It is the process humanity should use to improve itself in order to reprogram old patterns to cope with new situations and new environments. The person who sits in lotus position for 18 hours a day is doing nothing but wasting time and getting fatter. A person cognizant of the true purpose of meditation can accomplish MUCH more in 10 minutes, once they know what they are doing.

The true meditative state is very difficult to describe. The experience is unique to each person and many physical senses may become involved. The closest description for this state is "…dreaming while half asleep". One is not in a deep sleep, nor are they in REM sleep. They are not conscious and, to the untrained observer, the person either is in a light sleep or is "zoned out". This phase of brain activity is difficult to maintain for the untrained, but certain drugs make this process easier, hence why people are attracted to drugs. However, the true seeker endeavors to meditate without any external aids, especially drugs. However, that is the topic for another lecture.

It is through successful, proper meditation that a person can achieve the necessary physical and mental states necessary to reprogram the self and work towards self-evolution. Misunderstanding this concept can be counterproductive as nothing results from faulty procedures. Meditation is the foundation of all work on The Path and CotE actively encourages anyone on The Path to succeed in basic meditation before actively engaging in any other work.

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