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A Rock is Just a Rock

Originally Posted: July 3, 2010

There are plenty of mental traps for people on The Path to fall into as they progress in their mental and spiritual evolution. These traps can range from minor irritations to progress-breaking blocks. While the worst of these obstacles can compromise a person's quality of life, the minor blocks can be the most troublesome. Once a person has their first spiritual experience and receives their first taste of enlightenment, there is a tendency to see supernatural causes in the most mundane of things. Eventually, a frustrating delusion appears that everything has a supernatural or astral cause to it. While this is not the truth, many a novice falls to this crippling misconception after their first true spiritual experience.
Despite the presence of forces beyond the understanding of most people, many events despite appearing supernatural or spiritual have mundane causes and effects.

One of the reasons for a person falling into this mental trap is the opening to the infinite possibilities that exist when acknowledging the existence of the astral plane, other realities and various other dimensions. It is easy to take a mundane event that can be linked, usually through flawed logic, to a possible supernatural cause. The most common instance of this involves "angelic/demonic attacks". Before a person had the initial enlightening experience, misfortune found attribution through mundane consequences. After the initial experience, there is now a sudden "supernatural" explanation. Unless new data becomes apparent, a person shouldn't second-guess properly implemented logic. If everything looks as if there is a mundane cause, chances are, there is.

People who succumb to this trap begin seeing supernatural causes for everything. They became sick because of an "angelic attack". They lost their job because their boss was possessed. They lost their money because of some astral whatever. The fact that mundane causes, such as becoming sick because they ate something that was not cooked properly, losing their job because they had a fight with the boss and lost money because they foolishly overspent what they did not have, never occurs in the thought process.

A sub-set of this problem is "enlightenment-induced" hypochondria. Every time a person gets the tiniest little ache, it is an astral attack. This is an absolute delusion. There are only a handful of people who have developed to the point where worrying about astral assault is a genuine concern. Most people who are on The Path have little to worry regarding this possibility. 9 1/2 times out of 10, the ache has an honest physical cause. This is inclusive of natural energy misalignments and blockages. If one feels they are under attack by an entity, chances are it is just a mild panic attack caused by one's inability to discern the nature of a physical discomfort symptom combined with the flood of realization after making initial contact with other realms. If one asks themselves, "Am I being attacked?” the answer is most likely a "No".

Even after being exposed to the other realms of existence, sometimes a rock is just a rock. Sometimes an ache is just an ache from either a legitimate illness or a consequence of one's folly. The Angels did not attack. The entities did not interfere and the spirits had noting to do with anything. One should sit down and eliminate all possible mundane causes for a negative situation before even bothering to consider supernatural causes. After a careful analysis, chances are a mundane cause is responsible after all.

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