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This Sermon will give a deeper understanding to the gods, the nature of our universe and to the existence itself.

The big bang theory is pretty much correct in that the universe started with an unbalance of atoms causing everything to explode violently into a chemical reaction creating the corporal world slowly changing and shaping into what we see today, this has happened many times over and also explains why the gods are called timeless.
As life evolves in the universe dominant species pop up and then an inevitable end comes restarting everything all over again, but during a previous universe beings evolved to understand the universe on a much deeper level, beings with very old souls and very high knowledge, they leaned to tap into the plane on a duality with the corporeal world in the same way we do in Aquarianism, among these beings were the Gods, wrongly labelled as the demons, they learned to continue past the reset period, past the end and into the new universe taking everything they had learned with them, their understanding of technology is far superior than anything that can be imagined but they prefer to use it to a minimal as technology can be damaging and you become overly reliant on it when you are perfectly capable to rely on yourself and your own abilities.
Now these beings started the evolution of life on our planet with a single goal in mind which was cast aside when Enki saw much more potential in us and decided to teach us that we too can become like them.

The universe is made up of many different elements but all the elements known to science and others they have measured but still remain illusive are still not enough to hold everything together, something more is needed, something science calls Dark Matter and Dark Energy, these substances being everywhere in a far greater number and covering than everything in our physical universe, this energy and matter is quite simply from the Astral plane, the energy we use in meditation, matter that makes up that plane itself.
The two planes co exist in a mutually beneficial way in what I call the Duality of Science and Spirituality, this duality is also the basis of life itself, the soul needs life to grow and advance, and life needs those energies and matter in order to exist.
The Gods know this and science will soon be able to explain it but the answers are all around us, we live in a universe of strange goings on, “supernatural” abilities and even the energy and matter that keeps us here but is of a kind science has yet no explain, but in the past people were closer to knowing this even without our level of science, people knew this through meditation, through the gods, and because of the oppression of Christianity and the other malicious faiths that information was lost and science was held back but now we are back on track and those with an open mind can take their rightful place on the road to becoming a much higher being, to becoming a god, although we are each gods in our own rights, we just have yet to learn and grow to that level.

If you have any questions or wish me to explain this more thoroughly please contact me through the forums

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