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Ignorance, Extremists and the Delusional

Through our time in life we will come to encounter many kinds of people, some of which will leave a lasting impression whether it is for good such as a loved one, your first crush, a teacher who went that extra mile or a close friend... or for bad such as a bully, an idiot or as the title of this sermon states, someone so closed minded and arrogant that they just get under your skin for the sake of it.

I have chosen to do a sermon on this particular subject as recently I and others have had to deal with a large number of such people who have all decided to come crawling out of the woodwork, a couple in particular I admit I do have a personal bias against but given the circumstances and sheer stupidity of some people you cannot help but become personally involved.


Now, the purpose of this sermon is not to bash or point fingers, it is to point out a simple fact, although we do not condone going around converting others, most if not all of you will have had or will have discussions with people of varying belief structures, for the most part this is healthy for both parties with a good exchange of information and many points to think about, it also happens a lot between friends but when it ends we all share the same value... to judge each other on who we are, not what we believe. Belief is a private thing, something we base our hopes on, our inner most thoughts and although it is nice to share that with others only a moron would get their panties in a twist and dump on their friend for having different ideals, and dealing with such people is nothing but an infuriating waste of time, energy and heightened stress levels, this sermon will talk about each type of person and the recommendation to deal with each is the same simple answer, don't bother, just ignore them.

Now before I continue I will state that I will be using real examples from real people in this sermon, usually I try not to do this but these people had that large an impact that I thought it would be far more pertinent to do so, funnily enough it has taken some thought on who to place with which of the 3 traits as most of these people share aspects of all 3 so I will just be placing them to the dominant trait.


Lets start with the most offensive trait, the extremist, for this example I will talk about Eric, most of the members of the forums may remember this colourful character.

Extremists are everywhere, they are part of every faith or point of view however well meaning it may be whether a hardcore Atheist, brainwashed Christian, or mislead indoctrinated occultist.

An extremist will be someone driven by anger more than anything else, it has been drilled into their head that what they are doing is right without question and by following it they have a higher status than anyone else, they do nothing but rattle out regurgitated information that they have soaked up without thought, their purpose is simple, to MAKE others see from their point of view, and if they can't do that they will lash out.

Eric was a prime example of that, he came to our forums and immediately started preaching the way of the voidian, claiming to be in a position of power and that if you did not listen to him then either he or the gods would punish you, of the 3 traits the extremist is someone you just do not want to get involved with, they will not listen, they will not calm down because in their mind they are right, you are wrong and nothing will change that mindset.

As Shwartzritter says: "It is impossible to reason with a fanatic"


Ignorance is abundant in society and although most of it can be talked out there are still a lot of closed minded individuals we have to deal with, for this section we look at Jasmine, this girl I have had personal dealings with.

A truly ignorant individual is basically a lesser form of an extremist, just without the violent and pushy attitude, they are just as thick headed and have the same level of infuriating presence. These people are driven purely by a sheep mentality, they read something or hear someone and believe it instantly, they do not research and they do not care to, they are just spoon fed some information and spend their time smugly spitting it back up, when met with new information or facts they scoff at it and dismiss it only to repeat themselves in more dramatic stances.

Jasmine happens to fall under both the ignorance and delusional categories but the latter is done by choice as the ignorance is her dominant trait I will stick with that as an example.

When I met Jasmine I had a romantic interest in her, she was pretty and self reliant with a rather unique personality and set of beliefs but being the kind of person not to judge others on that I ignored it and tried to get to know her as a person, granted she spent most of her time bitching about every aspect of her life she fucked up but blaming it on anything but herself but I knew if she was shown compassion from someone who cared for her that would soon stop, unfortunately what I did not count on was her constant talk about having Azazel live with her as well as 2 spirits "inhabiting" her body, now although I wanted to just smirk and laugh at this I didn't, I just moved the subject on after stating that I saw things a littler differently but I would rather talk about her as to me it is the person that matters, not what they choose to believe, at first this was fine however she decided to get a little crude, claiming that I was a fool because I didn't talk about it with her and believe it, I was not going to start telling her that I think I knew a little more about this than her given my position so I asked her to drop it, the next hour followed with her talking about a self proclaimed priestess of Isis who knew nothing more than a 2 year old who had been given a crash course in new age hippiism and a  single, solitary Egyptian book she had, she spent the time telling me I do not understand anything, that she would get her book and teach me a thing or two and spewing out one contradiction over another, when I revealed that I was  high priest she told me the gods would not waste their time with a mere human, but when I pointed out that she made claims of basically living with Azazel and she was contradicting herself she would only reply with a *sigh* and tell me how I don't understand anything, now being someone who is legally and spiritually ordained with years of study in and out of college as well as a link to the gods I could have laughed at her, but I did not,  the trend unfortunately continued and all I could do was tell her I do not have the time to deal with someone who only cares about how they want to vomit up pointless information regardless of who they are talking to, more experienced or not, now believe me I could rant about this persons stupidity and contradictory hypocritical behaviour for hours but that is not the point of this sermon, now how you deal with a person like this is the same as with an extremist, just walk away, all it will do to talk to someone as moronic and instinct driven as them is get you angry, frustrated and down, who cares bout winning an argument if your opponent is sitting there drooling and throwing comments at you they found in a book.


The delusional individuals are by far the most amusing of the 3 traits, but end up just as infuriating as the rest, it can manifest in many ways from plain insanity to brainwashing.

For this example we will take a look at our old friend, the crazy uncle... Magus Habilus

Delusion for this man shows up in many ways, from making spiritual apparatus that resembles kindergarten paper crowns to insisting the benefits of sleeping with "elves" who live in the trees in his back yard.
These removed states of mind all start out the same way, from the prior 2 traits, if you leave someone in an ignorant or extreme mindset with a group of like minded "followers" you end up with a superiority complex that permeates every aspect of their life, suddenly everything they do is right because they know better, to them the sun literally shines out of their arse and it is literally unbelievable how many of them go around claiming to be gods and instilling the same mentality into their flock.

For these people it may seem like the best idea is to smile and nod, but if you give them the slightest opening they will make your life miserable, it may start out a laugh riot but in the end it is better to point in the distance, utter something confusing and slip out the back door.


All 3 traits are found in a lot of occult practices just as much as any Abrahamic based religion as wherever you find faith, you find people who will read myths, legends and fill in the blanks with whatever they can pull out of their crevice, in the end it is best to ignore these people and let them get on with it, they will not be a bother unless someone gives them the opening.




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