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Christianity Strikes Again

Time and Time again Christians will complain about anything and everything. Through history they have raped, pillaged, slaughtered and forcefully converted in the name of god BUT the moment they see something as harmless as a video game level that portrays a church they are in an uproar claiming how the violence and blasphemies of it will have a negative effect on humanity.

We all know Christianity has poured out lie after lie from creating a false Savoir to spreading blasphemous bullshit about other religions and even creating films and so SO much more, but no one stands up to complain, its freedom to express yourself isn't it, but once something comes up they don't like they will pull out all the stops to make sure they get their way, claims of degradation of morals, regardless of what their own "holy men" do to children, claiming blasphemies, even though they freely blaspheme anything else they can. Look what happened when "The Life of Brian" was released, yes that Monty Python comedy of a man living at the time of "Jesus" , Nuns protested outside of cinemas and caused a hell of a fuss, and now just because a violent game that has mapped out a level to do with a cathedral in Manchester they are making a huge fuss about it, in my opinion violent games quench the violent tendencies we have already as a violent species and the level design is very well set out and makes a great backdrop, it is not going to teach people to go on a killing spree in their local church.

I for one have had enough of their bitchy little rants, they need to either stop what they are doing or shut their self righteous mouths.

(just for those who want to know as I have already been asked this, the game mentioned here is "Resistance Fall of Man" which is a Sci Fi Fantasy shoot em up, not realistic at all, besides it is rated so that children don't go out and buy it, it's audience is that of an adult nature who know it is not real who know it is entertainment who are not going to go on a mindless killing spree just because a church appears in the game).


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