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Separation of Church and state, to those of us who are sane, this is a great idea, separating belief and fact, knowledge from stories, but there are those who try to force those stories into every day life, this disgusts me, a friend of mine was in class today, they were talking about conformity and individuality, now yes using religion is a good way of describing things, its a good discussion point but should have its limits, when the teacher allows the ignorant of the class to talk about how their impotent god is who you should follow above all which is funny as they were talking about the good points of individuality when it slipped into them forcing conformity on the entire class, and he doesn't allow other views, i find this to be disgusting, the teacher tried to squash the beliefs of the only individual in the class during a discussion on the good points of about incompetence at its finest!

If you are going to separate church and state... SEPARATE IT... don't use it as an excuse to preach to all those who are not like you, and as a teacher he should know better, things need to be changed either this separation needs to be cracked down on or they should allow the individuals to have a voice without the pain and ridicule we all go through every day, this is our time, our age not theirs, they are but the lingering memory of everything that is wrong in this world and in every single part of life those facts are reinforced from drunk preachers chasing you down on the streets to your family force feeding you all the information you don't need, "our children are our future" really? then why are you making damn sure that the information you fill them with is the very problem which has fucked up our past.

Talk to your schools, talk to your teachers, write letters, separation of church and state must be used we can't just sit around anymore ignoring all of this and hoping it will go away in time when we can make it go away now, give the people a mind of their own, that choice is in our hands, the hands of the true individuals.
(P.S. I know it is ironic calling for a group of individuals on a spiritual site, but you get the point)


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