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Right now in England the government is planning on spending 100 million pounds (that's over 200 million dollars to the US and Canada) on building a mega mosque to make a large landmark to show off for the Olympics and to kiss the ass of the Muslim population now coming into the country to ensure votes for the government. Now I am not angry at this because I dislike the Muslim faith, I am not angry because they are building a place of worship, what angers me is how the government takes money from the health system from the countries taxes and with all the problems in the country they choose to spend the money on something which is just going to symbolise a lot of the problems going on, with terrorism and racism around and with the large numbers of immigrants pouring in the country the public is already on edge and the fact that our health care has been diminished and the government taking all this money to use on something the country does not need, instead of improving health or jobs or even education is completely ridiculous.

A religious building especially from religions which take so much money in should be built out of the pockets of the people who will use it, through the church fund not the government, the government has already got a lot to work on with education, jobs, health care and much much more, and for it to spend money desperately needed in other areas is careless and insulting especially to the tax payers who are having to live in worse and worse conditions due to the negligence of the government.

Lastly the Muslims are probably going to claim this as racism if it gets scrapped, the fact is the country itself is Christian, would it not make more sense for it to repair its older Christian landmarks than start building a religious building from another culture, especially one of this proportion, this also links in to the racism topic on the have your say area, white people are being put down so much now and allowing it to happen, when will there be equality when will there be an actual care for the population than the future of their own politics, heck why not build a satanic church, or a Buddhist area or something that is not in the mainstream for increasing votes, all it is is an attempt to build up a following of a new majority in the country and it will just end badly, either through outrage in the population to the spread of even more racial problems.

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