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Since you are here you already know that you have an open mind, unfortunately ignorance is everywhere, people have been brought up with lies and force fed what to believe from when they were too young to make a choice of their own, what this does is breed arrogant, ignorant, small minded, petty people, who claim they are absolutely right without a doubt just because a book says so, if you show them the book is plagiarised from factual historical texts predating it, they just ignore the statement and call you the closed minded liar. these ignorant people are not worth your time, they are inferior, laugh at them, ignore them, do as you will. I do not mean inferior in the sense of evolution or racism or anything else, just in the plain and simple form that they are far too closed minded to talk to, you can present as much truth as you want and they will insult you, lie, anything to regurgitate everything they have been told in their pathetic lives, i suppose it is the parents who are to blame.

Now you are probably thinking this sermon is here as a vent or to insult those people, it is not, I have recently been confronted by people of this nature, more so than before and thought to myself, why do I even bother, it is not like they start the "conversation" to actually discuss things, they just do so to tell you 2 things, that you are wrong and that you must follow god, so maybe it is time we just treat these people as they deserve, as nothing, Ignore them, laugh at them, make them feel like there is no point raising the topic, they won't listen so why should we, we have been there we have looked for the real truth and found it, with fact, proof and experience, until the day they can listen to reason or present proof instead of clawing at a book of lies for "proof" we should cast them aside and let them do as they wish, they are just the final stragglers of a dead breed anyway, soon enough they will be gone.

If you are going to believe a book why not live in never never land, why not take a trip on the discworld, these may be enjoyable fantasies but that is all they are, fantasy, Islam, Christianity and Judaism is nothing more than a belief from a story book, a bed time tale that the parents let their kids believe too long, and if you are going to follow a text why not follow the historically accurate texts that predate it?

They cannot accept proof and reality, once they see some they claim its put there by the devil as a lie, how pathetic is that, in that logic it can be turned around the same for them, some fictitious "evil" entity sneaking around planting texts to make you follow lies, the bible was shat out by an evil penguin looking to mislead people, i mean come on do the masses have no minds of their own anymore, these people are trained slaves fed bullshit from the moment they are born and regurgitate the same rubbish to their children, this needs to be stopped, children should not be taught religion till they are old enough to understand and they should be taught them all equally to make their own decision, then again in a few short years those false religions would just vanish and they know it.

It is time we should stop wasting, be proud that you follow logic, that you made a choice to be here, let the ignorant do as they wish, their time is soon to end anyway, don't get angry at them instead think of it as an irritating joke they don't know when to end, we know the truth they know what they were told to think that is all there is to it.

It may be said ignorance is bliss, but these people seem angrier and more pathetic than anyone I know who has an ounce of free thought.

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