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Information not Violence

I know the following sermon is fairly short but I felt that it had to be said.

 I have noticed that a large majority of Satanists have been angry and driven in violent ways, this is not the way Enki wants, sure its fair for revenge but to a limit, modern Christianity is not what caused the mindless destruction and cold blooded slaughter of the past, they may be lead into similar situations but this generation can be changed, people going around looking for a violent solution, burn this, revolt against that, it is just stereotyping the negative “reaction to Christianity” look that people have dubbed us with, it is time to take a step back, look around and make a change.

 Recently there has been a lot of goings on causing people to be angry and violent, a close friend of mine lost his best friend due to angelic influence and has sworn a path of revenge and although I have tried to talk to him about it he seems to be headed to do far more damage to himself than what he is looking to achieve, this is all you will get by taking this path, we are not here to fight, to start a war, to just add a higher level to the rivers of blood already spilt in the name of religion, in the name of truth. We are here for something more, for enlightenment, for information and bringing mankind into a new golden age, this is not going to be done through war, through a gun or a knife or a bomb, look around you, there are wars ravaging cultures, terrorism spreading racial hatred and oppression, and that is getting them nowhere, if you want to fight, if you truly want to make a difference do it the smart way.

The prophecies, the historical texts and the words from the Gods all point to one thing, knowledge, Enki was known as the bringer of knowledge, the master of the earth and through every account he did this peacefully not through war or hatred, we need to start enlightening mankind, showing the path to take to achieve the goals and if we make our stand in this way by bringing forth information instead of terror, truth instead of a dogma, choice instead of a regime, then we can do it, we are here to bring mankind into a new golden age, not another age of bloodshed, mankind needs to take steps to evolve, to become part of its true potential, do you not feel that it is time we lay down our arms and work at it.

If you are really on Enki’s side, or if you are just reading this through interest then do what you feel is right, what is logical, take a stand with me, with us, stop fighting, stop arguing and start enlightening, the dawn of a new age is upon us, unclench your fists, open your eyes and minds and lets finally enter it in the way we are supposed to.


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