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Well I was sat down today having a beer and watching an episode of scrubs, always a good way to relax, but on this episode some points I had been meaning to talk about had popped up.
the first of the two points is about prayer, Christians swear by it, they will pray for anyone and in hospital situations they will be thanked for it, not the doctors, the person praying, prayer can be very dangerous or very helpful depending on its use, and unfortunately Christians do not know what they do, when they pray for someone they are offering a piece of that persons soul, filling them with angelic energy, sure if you are a psi-vampire this can be very helpful but for most people this is damaging and can cause cancer, we go through the gods, we study energy for the right effects so that we know what we are doing is helpful, praying for someone just willy nilly can even result in cancer it is not a very good thing to do, this is why we have detailed meditations and one of the first gods I put up was Valefor who is a personal friend and a wonderful healer, when we get the gem stones and herbs up the first sections will be protection and healing as the well being of yourself and those close to you should always be the priority to offensive magic.

now moving to my main point, at the end of a decent show there can be a heart felt moment which you can relate to, at the end here was a child being baptized and although I was moved it was for the wrong reasons, instead of seeing a new child and a happy family I saw someone's life being taken away before it began, it is wrong to force religion or a path on a child, it is fine to let them take part in yours but no matter how right it feels to you you should never try to bring them in, once the child is ready to understand religion they should be taught all religion equally, this does not mean putting yours ahead of others, use science and logic, the good thing about this is teaching them Christianity you can show them its many many MANY faults, but you can show the choices and lifestyles of many other religions such as Buddhism which is a perfectly respectable path, satanism and Aquarianism and paganism which have many roots but make sure you show the plausibility as well, bringing someone into a religion should always be free will even if they are your own children.



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